HD35: Tony Marino goes negative... on himself!

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TonymarinoIn HD35, GOP candidate Tony Marino is challenging Rep. Larry Galizio (D). Marino describes himself as "an entrepreneur, author, business consultant, radio personality and motivational speaker". Also, "a successful international online marketing consultant."

Apparently, he's decided to air all of his dirty laundry right up front - in hopes that it'll be old news during the general election. He recently released a letter district-wide (inserted in local newspapers).

The Associated Press has the story:

Tony Marino, a Tigard Republican running for the Oregon House, may be the top candidate confessor with an open letter distributed to newspaper readers listing all his flaws: bankruptcy, multiple divorces, a federal tax lien and a degree from an online university that's not accredited in Oregon. ...

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed in 1993, he says, stemmed from a cancelled television show that he had produced in Southern California. The five divorces nearly killed him, he says, but he's been married happily for a decade to his wife, Danielle, with whom he has two children.

Marino is fighting the IRS on a tax lien from 1996 -- about $12,000 -- that he says he didn't know about for a long time and that he's tried unsuccessfully to resolve.

Then there's that doctorate from an online university that he's since learned is not accredited in Oregon. The marketing diploma from Ashwood University took three months to earn.

Of course, rule #1 when you're going to do a full public mea culpa disclosure... be sure to disclose it all.

The AP has more:

The letter doesn't list all Marino's mistakes. A background check unearthed other financial run-ins, including a $12,300 civil judgment from 2001 that he contests and that he says he didn't know about until Thursday. He's also making monthly installments on a $4,900 judgment from 2002, filed by Ford Motor Co.

On the jump, an extensive quote from "Doctor" Tony Marino's letter...

I’m going to engage in “Politics Unusual” - and I’m going to start by being open and honest with every single person I hope to represent. I think every politician should start with honesty. I had a bankruptcy when I was younger. As a struggling young TV Producer, my show was cancelled and I was left holding the bag for the cost of the equipment and other expenses that businesses incur as they are starting out. I learned to be more careful with my investments and my finances from that experience.

I’ve been through divorces. Fresh out of the U.S. Navy I didn’t know what I wanted out of life or a partner who would share it with me. I made some decisions that at the time seemed right but, in retrospect, were probably hasty. I’ve learned to slow down and examine a situation from every possible angle before committing to something now.

I’m still fighting the IRS on an old tax lien.> Again, when I was younger, I overreached financially and unknowingly had some outstanding taxes. Interest and penalties started to add up when the IRS didn’t contact me about the amount due. Several years later, I met with them with my attorney to reach a reasonable settlement and they declined. I’m still fighting for what I believe to be fair and just. I have learned that the government isn’t always right and that you have to speak up or be counted out.

I have a degree from an online university I’ve learned is not accredited in Oregon. I was given credit for my life and work experience in the Navy, as a television and radio personality, as an author and as a successful international marketing consultant. I firmly believe in investigating alternatives to traditional education to help our children be competitive in a global market. From this experience, I learned to ask more questions and verify what you are told from that experience.

Here's the full letter (pdf).

So, this guy wants us to trust his judgment? Unbelievable.

  • JHL (unverified)

    Oh my goodness, this guy's a spammer!

    From his website:

    "Email Marketing appears to be growing more and more difficult these days due to stringent ISP regulations, new federal statutes and an overwhelming general intolerance. Tony Marino has crafted this exclusive email compliance and Internet marketing syllabus to teach you exactly how you can effectively sail your emails seamlessly into ... email accounts..."

    So basically, this guy's business plan is that in spite of a "general intolerance," he will help you send spam to people's in-boxes. Does the general public really need to know anything beyond "Tony Marino sends you all that junk e-mail that you hate" to make a decision?

    What a numb-nuts.

  • spammer (unverified)

    Comment Number: OL-103628 Received: 4/15/2004 5:51:37 PM Organization: America Web Works Commenter: Tony Marino State: OR Agency: Federal Trade Commission Rule: CAN-SPAM ANPR Docket ID: [3084-AA96] Re: CAN-SPAM Act Rulemaking, Project No. R411008 To the Commissioners, I applaud your efforts to curb the problem of unsolicited bulk email. However, I am concerned about the proposed requirement for merchants to maintain suppression lists. There are so many problems and costs associated with this idea, and so much damage done to consumers and businesses alike, that I feel I must urge you to consider this matter most carefully. Requirement of the use of suppression lists will seriously damage many of the legitimate publications available on the net. My specific concern is for harm to publishers who require permission from the consumer prior to adding them to any list. They're not who CAN-SPAM was designed to put out of business, but this requirement will very likely have that effect. There's also the potential for significant harm to consumers, because of the problem of properly knowing their intent when they unsubscribe from a list. On top of that, these suppression lists could easily fall into the hands of spammers, leading to more spam instead of less. I was quite surprised at the potential problems this ruling could involve, and urge you in the strongest possible terms to reconsider its implementation in light of these problems, Respectfully, Dr. Tony Marino Oregon, USA

  • Dylan (unverified)

    Wow is all I can say! I just watched the video on his website and its basically an infomercial. This guy is such a used car salesman. If for no other reason, you have to watch this video for the music.

    I just can't believe that someone would produce a video like this and think its an effective way to win votes.

    Larry Galizio will easily be getting my vote again this year. This guy is as scary as that later that ran against Galizio in 06.

  • Richard Marsh (unverified)

    [Off-topic comment about the presidential race removed. -editor.]

  • steve (unverified)

    When he found out I didn't live in his district and couldn't vote for him, he asked me if I was interested in a time share in some place called Nanavut in Canada. He also sold me some super amazing gym equiptment.

  • Stephen Holland (unverified)

    Sure, there's this "news," but what about the other stuff he puts forward, or doesn't put forward. He says we need to prioritize schools and transportation, but doesn't say how we should do it, other than "unusually." But wow, as if running on no specific proposals wasn't bad enough...

    Let's get this straight, though. In HD35 the Republicans have "Doctor" Marino, with a tax lien and who has been successfully sued twice. And over in HD26, there's Matt Wingard, who has admitted to hitting his son with a hammer. I don't usually like getting into the personal lives of politicians, but I can't help but notice that the Oregon GOP sure doesn't know how to pick them this year.

  • jak (unverified)

    "...I can't help but notice that the Oregon GOP sure doesn't know how to pick them this year."

    Could it be because the Oregon GOP is bankrupt? Without any money the GOP is finding it difficult to recruit good candidates... not that there are any "good" Republican candidates.

  • (Show?)

    And over in HD26, there's Matt Wingard, who has admitted to hitting his son with a hammer.

    Actually, a screwdriver. And not the vodka kind.

  • AJ526 (unverified)

    Barack Obama took drugs when he was younger, and he wants us to trust his judgement? Unbelievable.

    Mr. Chisholm, I am assuming that you aren't going to support Obama, because of his past drug problem, correct?

    If your going to attack a candidate for being honest about some problems he had earlier in his private life, maybe it would be fair to look into Galizio's CURRENT problems with his personal life. I personally think it is refreshing to have a candidate who is that up front about his past problems, even though they're nothing compared to certain other politicians.

  • (Show?)

    I personally don't care about people's personal lives. Love is a rare and magical thing. Whatever.

    Doctor Marino may have been married and divorced a half-dozen times, I don't really care much about that.

    But for me, the problem is that he CONTINUES to make these mistakes - even after acknowledging them. Check out his website, it's "Tony Marino Ph.D." all over the place.

  • Stephen Holland (unverified)

    Actually, a screwdriver. And not the vodka kind. Yikes! I apologize, please excuse the error.

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)

    Which end of the screwdriver?

  • Twality (unverified)


  • AJ526 (unverified)

    I am sorry Kari, I scanned his whole website, and I don't know what you are talking about.

    I don't think that personal things should generally be a campaign issue, especially from people's pasts, unless it effects their ability to do the job (like dating a lobbyist, maybe).

  • AJ526 (unverified)

    You mean the ezine one? I beleive he is a Doctor in at least some states, and that is for his business, not his politics. He made sure in his letter that people would know he is not a doctor in Oregon.

  • BurgerMeister (unverified)

    Kari... In your picture (located above) is that your chin or your neck blowing a bubble? May one suggest less pork and less fat Kari.

  • Jim K. (unverified)

    Bottom line about his Ph.D., he has fully disclosed it's origin. He never stated that his Ph.D. was accredited in Oregon. Whether you like it or not, he did in fact obtain online Ph.D.. Thus, his Ph.D. is a Ph.D. issued from a non-Oregon accredited college or university. It is just that easy to grasp.

    In closing for now (but, I will be back), there are two ways to view his courageous act.

    1. You agree with honesty by giving the voters a balanced and truthful job application as it is "they" who will make their final choice to hire him.


    1. You are opposed to candidate honesty by keeping voters in dark until after you have fooled them into believing you are an righteous human.

    Let he (or she) without sin cast the first stone.

    In contrast, his community revelation occurred long ago. Galizio's troubles are upon us all right now in real-time vibrant color.

    Be careful not to judge. Lest ye be judged!

    Remember, when judging others, you are actually defining yourself!

    Peace and blessings

  • Dr. JHL (unverified)

    Jim K, here are two problems with your logic:

    1. You assume that there's nothing a candidate could do that they wouldn't be purged of responsibility for by a simple admission. I'm not saying that Doctor Marino has risen to that level, but your "1 vs 2" logic just doesn't cover all the possibilities.

    2. Anyone who "earns" a PhD in three months and thinks its appropriate trading on the title of "Doctor" is either too naïve to serve in the legislature or too dishonest to serve.

    Case in point: I just decided that I started a college. (I'm running it out of my house.) It's called Lowry College, and I offer a PhD in Electoral Evaluation, which I have bestowed upon myself. As a Doctor of Electoral Evaluation, I hereby decree that Tony Marino is an unsuitable addition to the Legislature. (Yes, I know my PhD isn't accredited in Oregon, but whether you like it or not, I did in fact earn it.)

  • Dr. JHL (unverified)

    I beleive he is a Doctor in at least some states

    By the way... No, no, no. Ashwood University is accredited nowhere. Unless, of course, you count the "World Online Education Accrediting Commission"... which is itself not recognized as anything and apparently has no purpose other than to accredit Ashwood University.

    In fact, take a look at the HTML code of Ashwood University and WOEAC.

    Not only are the pages nearly identical in structure, but the person who made both sites left a snippet of code on BOTH sites calling up "../image/styler.css" and also relies heavily on mapped images for links.

    And don't tell me that WOEAC is accredited by HEAC because that site was also apparently made by the same person (at this point they're even starting to re-use artwork).

    Bottom line is that it's obvious to anyone after fifteen minutes of online research that Ashwood University is worthless. So either Tony Marino knew it was bogus and didn't care, or he got duped into giving his money to a scam artist and still hasn't quite caught on that no one in the world recognizes his "Doctor" status.

  • Dr. JHL (unverified)

    OK, I know I just posted twice... but I have to give credit where credit is due:

    Tony Marino's goat cheese salad looks delicious! (It seriously does.)

    Also, I heard that listening to the smooth jazz stylings of the Tony Marino Project will soothe even the most angry Democrat... so everybody can just chill out.

  • AJ516 (unverified)

    At least Marino understands the real power of globalization!

    According to the Wikipedia entry on the esteemed Ashwood university - it mails out those diploma mill degrees from Pakistan; with an office conveniently located in a strip mall in Southern California.


  • AJ536 (unverified)

    Why can't Marino catch a break?

    Should claiming to have a PhD on his professional website and calling himself "Dr. Tony Marino" in Oregon - even though he paid for the "degree" from a diploma mill unaccredited in the state in which he seeks office - disqualify him? Should the fact that his Voter's Pamphlet statement doesn't even show evidence of earning a high school diploma disqualify him? Should filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy disqualify him? Should a $12,000 tax lien from the IRS unresolved since 1996 disqualify him? Should a $12,300 civil judgment against him from 2001 that he "just became aware of after the Oregonian article" disqualify him? Should the $4,900 judgment against him from the Ford Motor Company filed in 2002 disqualify him?

    What kind of elitists read and post on Blue Oregon anyway?

    Peace & Blessings.

  • JimK. (unverified)

    At least Marino was HONEST in disclosing ALL of his past problems?

    Okay, so he forgot to mention the $12,000 tax lien from 1996.

    And he failed to mention the $4,900 judgment against him by the American icon - Ford Motor Co. - the one that he's currently paying monthly installments on.

    At least he was PARTIALLY honest and disclosed SOME of his past misdeeds and misjudgments.

    You guys simply don't understand "politics unusual."

  • (Show?)

    Tony Marino should be given credit for his honesty.

    And the voters of his district, as well as observers elsewhere, should be given credit for knowing how to interpret what the pattern means as a predictor of future actions.

    Voicing that interpretation is not taking away credit for the honesty, despite Jim K's sophistry.

  • AJ526 (unverified)

    What's with the AJ536, AJ516 usernames? You just really like my username or something? Same with Jimk.

  • Dr. Blogbot JHL-1138 (unverified)

    Our non-accredited lesson for today:

    Fake honesty: "Oh, gee... It looks like there might be some bureaucratic error with my university's accreditation and it's possible there's a chance that my doctorate is not officially recognized by Oregon's accreditation body. But I'm still doing business as 'Doctor Marino' anyway."

    Actual honesty: "Yeah... my doctorate isn't recognized anywhere. By anyone. Ever. I apologize to all the people that purchased my services under that fake title and am offering partial refunds to anyone who feels that their services weren't up to par with what a real 'Doctor of Marketing' would offer."

    Doctor Mario is more recognized than Doctor Marino.

    (To all readers: If you succesfully completed this lesson, give yourself a doctorate. Why not?!)

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