Multnomah County: Less glamorous, but still very important

By Rob Milesnick of Portland, Oregon. Rob is a candidate for Multnomah County Commission, District 3. More information at

The Multnomah County Commissioner races haven’t received a lot of publicity this year, and are less glamorous than other races on the ballot this primary. Still, Multnomah County manages the third-largest budget in the State of Oregon, and the things that county government has responsibility for are very important.

I made this short informational video to let voters hear about my goals, and to focus on the new chapter of cooperative government I’m campaigning to bring to Multnomah County.

  • zachary (unverified)

    Impressive endorsements. Good video for a local race.

  • Brantley (unverified)

    It's good to see someone so energetic in the race -- this guy seems like he has his act together.

  • Lucy (unverified)

    Great video, Rob! It's a creative way to get the word out in this race since it hasn't received a lot of attention so far.

  • dixhuit (unverified)

    Rob, Thanks for bringing more attention to this county race. I know it's been hard for people to notice, with all the air taken up by higher profile contests. But this is a key decision for County voters, and we don't want to return to the acrimony of the previous Commission. Keep fighting (kindly).

  • Michael O Hanna (unverified)

    Rob, I appreciate your focus on the local issues that matter for the long term health, safety, and sustainability of our community. This has been a cyclone of a political season at the national level, which has overshadowed hardworking local political candidates. It is easy to forget that the local City and County elected officials, as well as Oregon state representatives, are the ones who will make the decisions that most directly impact us and our neighbors. I hope all voters take the time to read up on the local candidates--as our Multnomah County employee Union did--and make an informed choice. Our members chose Rob for Multnomah County District 3--because we know personally how important this decision is.

    <h2>-- AFSCME Local 88</h2>
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