Open thread: Oregon's Fifth

The polls are about to close. Use this space to talk about the race to succeed Darlene Hooley in Oregon's 5th Congressional District. (Note: Off-topic comments will be deleted.)

  • Harry (unverified)

    Kinda quiet here....

    Mannix is toast.... RIP, Kevin.

    Erickson versus Schrader... Mike's dirty laundry is all out there...get the woman on the set, with her sob story as Mike's ex girl friend.

    What about Schrader's? Is there any substance to the rumours about his dirty laundry?

  • stan (unverified)

    So long Kev. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Loser.

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    Where did Nancy Moran come from to beat Steve Marks?

  • DanOregon (unverified)

    Kevin Mannix predicts Schrader will beat Erickson in November. Nicely done, on election night no less, in a live interview. I don't see how Oregon Right To Life endorses Erickson, they probably just sit out November. Don't know what Mannix's other supporters do. I think the state and local GOP looks at the polling in a month or so and only gets involved if they think they can win it for the GOP. Erickson is not a popular guy in the 5th among the party establishment. But I guess we all realize that now.

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    Mannix also explicitly said he wouldn't endorse Erickson.

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    <h2>I, for one, couldn't be happier for Kurt. This will be a great race toward November!</h2>
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