Open thread: Attorney General

The polls are about to close. Use this space to talk about the race for Attorney General. (Note: Off-topic comments will be deleted.)


  • Eric Miller (unverified)

    It will give me renewed confidence in our electoral system should Kroger, a political outsider who ran a clean campaign, defeat Macpherson, the political insider who ran a largely negative one. This is what political races should be all about: getting the candidate with the strongest motivation and ideas into office to make the state a better place.

    Of course, if Mac wins I'll be disappointed for the converse reason.

  • saw (unverified)

    Where can i find results for the AG race?

  • Jim H (unverified)

    KGW is reporting Kroger ahead 56% to 44% with 9% counted.

  • (Show?)

    The Oregonian has called it for Kroger

  • Socks the Cat (unverified)

    It is good to see a Blue State like Oregon embracing crime victim rights, proceeds of forfeiture for law enforcement and a former prosecutor for AG. I am tired of people accusing Democrats of being soft on crime. A Democrat soft on crime is like a Republican who raises taxes; unelectable.

  • Jonathan (unverified)

    GO John! Oregon made the right choice.

  • DWRosengard (unverified)

    Congrats to Kroger and his staff. A well-deserved win!

  • DanOregon (unverified)

    Was Macpherson the only Demo Establishment candidate (besides Clinton) to lose? Kitzhaber was was what? 1 for 5?

  • jds (unverified)

    A well-deserved victory for the better candidate. Congratulations to John and to his amazing campaign staff.

  • ben rivers (unverified)

    Great race, great candidates. I can't say the results are what I wanted to see. I think people will look back on this race for a long time. It was fun to watch. Now let's hope John can deliver on all his promises. I can't say I have ever paid much attention to what the AG does, I will now.

  • (Show?)

    I am delighted that we now can look forward to an Attorney General who will transform that office into a pro-active law enforcement agency. Election of John Kroger's opponent (who has the distinction of having run the single most dishonest campaign this year) would have continued the ho-hum attitude that has prevailed at our Dept. of Justice for decades. Thank goodness we will have an active anti-meth, pro-treatment approach to that scourge. And it's about time that the DOJ will now go after the pollution criminals.

    Macpherson's website has an "Integrity" hotline phone number. I've phoned this "lack of integrity" hotline to protest the incredible dishonesty he displayed. One wonders if he can continue to represent his district in the state House of Representatives.

  • No, he can't (unverified)

    Lee- Macpherson had to give up his House seat to run for this office, since you can't be on two ballots at once. I think this is a terrible loss for Oregon.

  • glad he can't (unverified)

    Running such a grotesque negative campaign brings into question Macpherson's very judgment in addition to his integrity. I'm glad he'll sit out of politics for awhile-- He'll have to demonstrate a great deal of reconciliation before he'd ever get my vote in the future.

  • Grant Schott (unverified)

    I like both candidates, but thought that McP. was foolish to go negative. In a primary, that is likely to backfire, especially when the opponent was clearly credible with backing from Kitz, SEIu, etc... D voters probbaly thought, how could Kroger be that bad? McP overplayed his OR card. I'm a 5th gen. Oregonian, but who cares?? DeFazio is from MASS, Hooley from ND, Wu from China, but no one cares. McP should have stuck to positive endorsement bio ads focusing on his and his family's background. By going after Kroger, he only raised John's name ID.

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