Open thread: local races and ballot measures

The polls are about to close. We've got open threads on the presidential, federal, statewide, and local races in Portland and Multnomah County. Use this space to talk about everything else - from local races outside Multnomah County to the statewide and local measures. (Note: Off-topic comments will be deleted.)

  • FP (unverified)

    Its really sad how little is being said about 53 online or in print. Anyone have any links to discussion on it? Even for no talk about a rather important issues that involve our property rights as citizens and every is ooh'ing and ah'ing about the friggin primary. How about talk about what will impact us right here at home in state?

  • Joel H (unverified)

    It's sad, but this is very interesting (as of 2:58PM on May 22):

    Yes Votes 474,183 50.10%
    No Votes 472,213 49.90%
    __ __
    Totals: 946,396 100%

    The vote on Measure 53 is statistically tied. However, the results by county show it passing approximately 55-45 in the urban counties (Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Marion), being defeated approximately 60-40 in the very rural counties, and approximately even in mixed counties (Lane and Deschutes in particular).

    Very interesting.

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