Open thread: Presidential Primary

The polls are about to close. Use this space to talk about the presidential race. (Note: Off-topic comments will be deleted.)

  • Katy (unverified)

    Okay, first NPR interviews Lisa Grove and now they're interviewing Kulongoski. This national attention is cool. Or I am just a complete dork. Probably the latter.

  • DontStopHillary (unverified)

    I hope that all Hillary's voters got their voice listened to today, in Oregon.

    If not, I hope she runs as an independent.

  • sistersbeav (unverified)

    I sure hope all hillary people are damn proud that she has gotten all of the white/blue collar, dumbass, racist vote in appalchia!

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    Obama - 20 counties. Clinton - 13 counties (2 with no results)

    Whites - Obama 57% White Dems - Obama 54% White women - Obama 50% Earn less than $50k - Obama 53% Catholics - Obama 51%

    Total: Obama 58%, Clinton 42% (76% reporting)

  • Delia (unverified)

    "I hope that all Hillary's voters got their voice listened to today, in Oregon.

    If not, I hope she runs as an independent."

    What do you mean, "listened to'? They certainly got their chance to vote, same as Obama voters, but unlike Kentucky they were outnumbered here. Seems to me that when you keep changing the rules when things aren't going your way, it's simply spoiled brat behavior to declare you're going to ruin the game if things don't come out the way you want.

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    Posted by: DontStopHillary | May 20, 2008 7:38:18 PM I hope that all Hillary's voters got their voice listened to today, in Oregon. If not, I hope she runs as an independent.

    So you give less than a shit about any of the things Hillary Clinton claims to be a fighter for, up to and including making sure Roe v. Wade is not overturned. For you it is nothing but a vitriolic cult-of-personality fanboy/girl thing and not about positions, principles, policy, or governance.

    Any Clinton supporter who claims that they are either sitting it out or voting in some spoiler fantasyland bid for Clinton in an independent campaign, so in effect handing a vote to McBush who is the polar-opposite of what Clinton says she stands and fights for, is an utter fraud.

    So why do you support Clinton yet hate everything Clinton says she is fighting for so much?

    How can you really care about what she says she cares about if you are so willing to knowingly work against what Clinton says she is fighting for by either sitting it out or in effect voting McBush?

  • DanOregon (unverified)

    Count me in as a proud election dork (I'm not good enough with math to be a wonk). Great to see John King slice and dice our state on the board and hear Wolf still amazed at how quickly results can come in (this ain't Indiana) with vote by mail. Also props to Steve Law at the Portland Trib for getting some airtime with Greta Van Susseran on FOX News (I flip around - so sue me). Anybody else feel like Oregon is viewed by the rest of the country as being "different" (in a negative way) because we don't judge candidates by their race or sex, are highly educated and want the country to go in a different direction?

  • Clifford Keele (unverified)

    I was looking at the Obama/Clinton map.

    And, thought it had a surprising similarity to the 2004 Bush/Kerry map in Oregon.

    I couldn't find a good one of the state so I had to do some editing of my own. See links below.

    Oregon - Clinton/Obama Race 2008 Note, Dark Blue (Lane County, Benton County, Multnomah County) are all Obama Supporting.

    Oregon - Bush/Kerry Race, 2004 Blue = Kerry, Red = Bush, shades of purple to indicate percentages.

    (source of above:

  • Stefan (unverified)

    Except that...Obama is winning many more counties than Kerry did. And even in the ruby-red Southeast, he's losing by really small percentages, 2-4%. I like our chances for the fall with this guy.

  • (Show?)

    Clifford, thanks for putting the maps together. Interesting.

  • oregondemgirl (unverified)

    It's now clearly time for Hilary to step aside so we can focus on November and beat McCain!

  • Caffingoniree (unverified)

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  • Dennis (unverified)

    As a Democrat, I will never vote for Obama. I hope that Hillary stays in the race until the convention, by which time the superdelegates will have heard enough bad news about Obama that they will change their votes, select Hillary, and show the majority of Oregonians that they definitely made the WRONG choice for the Democratic Presidential nominee. If he indeed gets the nomination, the election will go to McSame and Oregon helped!

  • LizMc (unverified)

    Does Obama still have a Portland area office open? If so, would it be possible to post the info here? Thanks!

  • johngender (unverified)

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  • Testttyq (unverified)



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