Open thread: City of Portland & Multnomah County

The polls are about to close. Use this space to talk about the races for Mayor of Portland, the Portland city council races, and the Multnomah County Commission races. (Note: Off-topic comments will be deleted.)

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    Things are pretty excited over here at the Nick Fish for City Council party. We've got a good sized crowd, and can't wait for the results to come in.

    Barbara Roberts spoke just a bit ago and really got the crowd here fired up.

    Stephen Marc with Just Out is live blogging from the room:

    Disclaimer: I built the Nick Fish for City Council web site, but I speak only for myself and not the campaign.

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    I feel good about the outcome in the City. With Fish and likely Fritz in the Council, there is no guaranteed majority. There will be a lot of 3-2 votes. I wonder who'll end up being the median voter on this council, and on what issues.

  • Eric Parker (unverified)

    There may be no guaranteed majority, paul, but you will see Sam and Randy eventually become extremely uptight and petty in thier dealings with the other council members. I foresee a lot of Sam's agenda pushed down the city's throats with much enthusiasm.

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