Portland City Council: Fish, Fritz, and Lewis on the air

Portland City Council candidates Amanda Fritz and Nick Fish are on the air with new commercials. Fritz is in the six-way race to succeed Sam Adams (seat #1), while Fish is in the four-way special election to succeed Erik Sten (seat #2).

Updated: Charles Lewis, also running for seat #1, has also been on the air.

Here's Amanda Fritz:

Here's Nick Fish:

Here's Charles Lewis:


  • LookinOut4TheLittleGuy (unverified)

    Charles Lewis has also been on the tube...http://youtube.com/watch?v=m1_Nb82QV5k

  • James X. (unverified)

    Who told Fish the password? Or did he sneak in behind somebody?

  • Marcus Brody (unverified)

    Eeeeep, whoever decided that Nick should act in his own commercials should be fired.

  • (Show?)

    Little guy -- thanks for the heads up. I've updated the post.

  • Respect for Community (unverified)

    I still can't look at Nick Fish without hearing the word "carpetbagger" in my head. Other than stylistically, he's barely different than Ed Garren, a nutball who moved here about two years ago and now wants City Commissioner Seat 2.

    I do not respect wannabe politicians who move to Portland from some urban-elsewhere, and within a few years want to run the show here. Settle in, folks. Give yourself a decade or so - at least - to become immersed in this community before you start telling the rest of us everything we're doing wrong.

  • Mary (unverified)

    Nick Fish moved to Portland in 1996; Jim Middaugh moved to Portland in 1992. They're both progressive and actively involved with the community: hardly carpetbaggers.

    The choice is clear: Sten-Light or New Guy.

    There was a time when incumbents always handpicked their successors: I think that time has past.

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    Question: If you have $150,000 to spend on a citywide campaign, and you've got a campaign manager (at non-Phil Busse rates) and rent and basics for keeping an office open, so more like $125,000 maximally to talk to 100,000 voters, how much TV time do you buy?

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    Further, Nick Fish moved to Portland in support of Patricia Schecter's career as a historian, who teaches at PSU, & to whom he is married. I don't really know Nick much, but consider Patricia a friend, not a close one, but an intellectual colleague & comrade certainly. I respect Nick's choice to shape his career cooperatively to enable her to do her scholarship, which is excellent. She's also a committed teacher. My arm's length perception is that Nick has worked quite hard to get grounded here and to pitch in to civic culture in a number of ways. And a labor side labor lawyer is good to have in town and would be good to have in public service.

  • Jimbo (unverified)

    Does anyone have the stat? Isn't true that almost half the people living in Oregon are now from somewhere else? And, that number goes up daily. I think it's time we get over our little "who's really an Oregonian" complaints and embrace all Oregonians who want to contribute to improving our home.

    BTW . . . Nick's 4 year old son? An Oregon native. I can confirm that babies born here don't come with an "O" tatoo at birth.

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    <h2>Jimbo, I believe it is the case that at every decennial census since the first territorial one in 1850, a majority of Oregon residents has been born out of state. Check out Richard L. Neuberger's 1938 book Our Promised Land sometime. It's a collection of his journalism, mostly written for Eastern magazine audiences. In it he argues that Oregon is massively underpopulated and its resources massively underused, in effect still a quasi-frontier territory.</h2>
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