Get political tonight.

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Tonight, there's a pair of great opportunities out there to get out, be entertained, stretch your brain, and inform your activism.

First, progressive author and columnist David Sirota is appearing at Powell's to discuss his new book - The Uprising. The event is at 7:30 p.m. and co-sponsored by the Bus Project.

The Uprising is about the rise of grassroots progressives organizing to fight for change in our country. Check out a recent Washington Post review. Here's Sirota's appearance on the Colbert Report last week:

Second, progressive filmmaker Todd Darling is appearing at the Hollywood Theatre to open the Portland run of his documentary, A Snowmobile for George. It's a look at the impact of environmental deregulation by the Bush Administration (and Gordon Smith makes a cameo!). The Oregonian called it "snappy" and "absurdly hilarious".

Tonight's opening-night event is at 7:30 p.m. at the Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy). The film is also playing this weekend and next weekend. Here's the trailer:

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  • Henry (unverified)

    David Sirota is also joining the Bus Project on Saturday morning to kick off the Saturday Bus trip out to Hood River.

    He'll be speaking to the legions at 8:40am on Saturday morning at the East Bank Esplanade.

    What a good guy.

    (call 503-233-3018, if you want to join him and the rest of the team)

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    Are you a Che Guevara for our day? Do you look forward to the day when college students wear your face on their shirts and don't know what you did?

    <h2>Classic Colbert.</h2>

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