Convention Day One





Also, a fresh update of the BlueOregon Twitter Feed.

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    I have to admit, Michelle Obama's speech Monday night was the best convention speech I have ever heard from a candidate's spouse. Most of them sound like high school graduation speeches (except Elizabeth Dole in 1996, who sounded like a TV infomercial trying to sell magnets to put under your bed).

    Michelle Obama's delivery was natural and unaffected, while the substance of her speech hit exactly the right notes: We are not angry or radical; we're a normal family that cares about the same things you care about. Forget all this stuff you've heard about us not being proud of America and rejecting "middleclassism." We are living the American Dream and we want everyone else to have the chance to live it, too.

    As a Republican, I'm just glad there are a couple of nights left for the other convention speakers to undermine that message. And as a UO alum, I'm thankful Craig Robinson will be giving the pep talks in the Beaver locker room and not his sister.

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    First off, can we get rid of the above spam?

    Also, just as a note - the twitter feeds are getting cut off and we can't read the entire thing because they're not being broken into a second line.

    Wish I was there...

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    Spam gone. Feeds not wrapping because of the very strange long "ppppp" one from Mac. As soon as that one scrolls off, it'll work again.

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    Thanks, Kari. I was pretty sure I'd seen it wrapping before. Glad it's not my imagination. I love reading what everyone is doing and thinking, but I had to go to view source or copy all the text and paste it into Notepad to see it. Glad to hear it'll be good as soon as that scrolls off.

    Hope you're having fun in Denver!

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