All Politics is Local

Jesse Cornett

All politics is local, but for me it’s a different locale this time.

Many of you recall that former conservative Eugene Mayor Jim Torrey ran for the Oregon State Senate in 2006 against Senator Vicki Walker. He lost, but it was one of the most expensive races in legislative history because his friends have very deep pockets and he has an incredible ability to appear moderate because he doesn’t let facts get in the way.

Torrey lost that race, but hasn’t given up on public office and is seeking to regain the glory that is the Mayorship of Eugene. Unfortunately, Kitty Piercy hopes to keep her position as current Mayor and I think she should.

Although this is a mayor's race in the city of Eugene, many of the values and priorities we care about for all of Oregon are at stake. Kitty's opponent is a conservative, anti-choice, pro-sprawl candidate and he is engaging in a vicious, well-funded attack campaign. The forces behind him see this race as having state-wide implications - and they are right. They see taking the Eugene Mayor's office as a first step in regaining their influence across Oregon.

There’s a lot here about Torrey, but let’s talk for a minute about the alternative, current Mayor Kitty Piercy. Kitty has spent the past 40 years fighting for those who didn't have a voice. Now we need your help so that she can continue her progressive work as Mayor of Eugene. Kitty has been there to help us at the state and local level- it's time to help her. Her opponent is outspending her three to one.

Kitty Piercy will be in Portland on September 25th (tomorrow) and I hope you will join me in welcoming her and supporting her campaign. Representative Jackie Dingfelder, Representative Mary Nolan and Attorney General Presumptive John Kroger are hosting a fundraiser for Kitty Piercy at the Roots Brewing Company, 1520 SE 7TH Ave on Thursday September 25 from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

Mayor Piercy's campaign doesn't have access to the same type of large donors that Jim Torrey does so we need to build this campaign on hard work, grassroots organizing and lots of smaller donations. If you can’t make it tomorrow but would like to help keep Eugene's progressive mayor in office, go to her website and make a donation. It will make a big difference.

  • Anon (unverified)

    What are the vicious attacks that Torrey is making? I haven't seen anything about that race before this post.

  • Anon (unverified)

    If Jim Torrey is viciously attacking Mayor Kitty Piercy, then Jesse or someone must have an example. Anyone?

  • Jesse Cornett (unverified)

    Dear Anon,

    You cannot both be anon and demand information. I guess you can, but you won't get an answer.

  • Publius (unverified)

    Perhaps because there are no "vicious" attacks. Ah, simply the rhetoric of a riled up democrat who does not "let facts get in the way."

    A pity.

  • Rose Wilde (unverified)

    Torrey has repeatedly accused Piercy of "disrespect" toward the police union. He can give NO example of disrespect, just that fact that she hasn't publicly begged the police chief to stick around through some tough times.

    Eugene Police are not in favor in local politics right now, but Piercy has not fanned the flames. In fact, she publicly defended them and pointed out that attacking the police only results in diffcultly finding common ground. Piercy is a negotiator, not unlike a certain leading presidential candidate.

    Anon, why do you just read the Eugene Weekly or Register Guard if you want to get the details? It's all right there!

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