Democracy for America: Oregon is our #1 priority

By Adam Quinn of Burlington, Vermont. Adam is the national field director for Democracy for America, the organization founded by Governor Howard Dean after his 2004 presidential campaign.

Democracy for America is online and on the ground in all 50 states. From coast-to-coast, Democracy for America is working hard to elect a progressive majority. And, the road to that majority starts right here in Oregon.

DFA believes Speaker Jeff Merkley is part of this progressive majority and that’s why Oregon’s Senate race is our top priority. As Democracy for America’s National Field Director, I am on the ground organizing DFA members across Oregon to support Jeff’s campaign.

I arrived Sunday from DFA HQ in Vermont to find a massive anti-Merkley television blitz from every right-wing group you could imagine. Door-to-door, face-to-face, neighbor-to-neighbor action will reverse any lies on TV by right-wing groups.

Everyone coming together to pitch in wins races like this and that is why Democracy for America is hosting an Emergency Volunteer Action Event that is open to everyone. We have 14 days left in this election and with ballots in mailboxes, every second counts. If you are already involved, come and learn more. If you have never been involved, now is the time. Bring a friend, recruit your neighbors, and make a difference.

What: Emergency Volunteer Action Event to support Jeff Merkley’s Senate campaign.

When: Wednesday, October 22nd, 6 p.m.

Where: 3016 SE Division St, Portland

Who: Anyone and everyone committed to electing Jeff Merkley to the US Senate

I had the good fortune of meeting Jeff at Netroots Nation and at the Democratic Convention in Denver, where he spoke to our members and blew them away. This isn’t just another race for DFA or me; we know our work will help elect Oregon a great Senator and give Sen. Obama 60 votes in the Senate to help pass his agenda.

If you are a DFA member or not, you are invited to make a difference!

Sign up to volunteer in Oregon with DFA at We need your help.

  • billy (unverified)

    Isn't democracy two wolves and a sheep deciding on what's for dinner? That is why the USA is a Republic, not a Democracy. Why you want a government that allows the majority to eliminate the minority?

  • Steve Bucknum (unverified)

    Obviously, I'm not going to drop everything, and run to Portland (150 miles one way) to canvas there for Merkley.

    I would like to note that Merkley has done an excellent job of getting out to those parts of Oregon that are not urban. When he visited Prineville, we obtained his signs, and he now has signs on most of the busy streets in Prineville. Smith? I have only seen one sign. So, while Smith poors big money into TV and mail advertising, nearly all negative, on the ground he has very little. If you were to drive through Prineville, based on signs, you'd think Merkley would win in a landslide. That won't happen. Since Smith is from the east side, he'll get more than 50% of the vote here - but not as much as he'd like. For Smith to win, he has to win very big on the east side to offset those losses he will take in the Portland/tri-county area.

    I expect that the make/break for this race is not the Portland area or the east side, but rather the south. If I were Merkley and had some late arriving money and volunteers, I'd target Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland, and all the I-5 corridor between. A 5% swing in voters there would guarantee a Merkley win. I don't see much movement in the Portland or east side areas - but the south could swing.

  • (Show?)

    I think getting more people out talking to voters in the suburban areas, like Gresham, could also make a difference. People out here have been badly hit by the economy over the past several years. And as we all know, Smith has done nothing to help in that area.

    Voters out here just need to see how this affects their pocketbooks, and it won't take long til they see Merkley is the candidate for them.

    <h2>But we have to have people out here talking to voters for them to see that.</h2>
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