The New Ballot Guide is Here!

Dan Petegorsky

Rural Oregon may dodge imminent bankruptcy with the reauthorization of timber payments tucked into Congress's bailout package, but we know that we have a long ways to go, especially if the proposed initiatives on this year's ballot pass and if the proposed legislative referrals fail.

That's why, once again, Rural Organizing Project has created a pro-democracy ballot measure guide by and for small town Oregonians with wisdom that the entire state can put to good use. The guide assesses the 10 key ballot measures by asking (1) Is this a workable solution to real problems in our state? and (2) Does this preserve democracy?

You can download a PDF copy or order hard copy versions by emailing [email protected]. A Spanish language version (pdf) is also available.

  • Rick Hickey (unverified)

    Warning! ROP is using False and Misleading info from the Voters' Guide.

    Measure #58-Immersion, will NOT cost the Taxpayer any "Additional" money as claimed in the Guide, this is False info; Why is this false? Pursuant to ORS 327.013(7)(a)(B) that says “the resident school districts shall receive an additional .5 times the ADM of all eligible students enrolled in an English as a Second Language program”, therefore Oregon schools are already spending this money per law and NO “additional” monies will be required if Voters’ approve of Measure #58.

    A more accurate “estimate of financial impact” would state: Measure #58 will reduce costs as current Bilingual programs have a minimum five year attendance for ELL/ESL students and Measure #58 will reduce that to a maximum of two years, instead of five, therein reducing overall costs for ELL/ESL programs by an estimated average of 60%.

    I just though the Voters deserve to know the TRUTH, when it comes to their money.

    Why do such "Progressive" states such as CA & Mass, have Voters that approved of Immersion by a large margin, but you Progressives here want our Schools to stay in the last Century?

    ps, that Law quoted above on 50% extra $ for ELL/ESL does include-English Immersion, so no funding for ELL students will be cut off, just the 80% Failure rate of the old Bilingual programs will be phased out.

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    Rick Hickey, above, is an activist with the Oregonians for Immigration and the vice-chair of the Marion County Republican Party.

    Personally, I find it amusing that Rick is such an advocate for the English language, since he has such serious trouble with it.

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    I am disappointed that ROP punted on Measure 65, the Louisiana-style top-two primary, since it is the most destructive to democracy of any of the measures. See

  • Dave Lister (unverified)

    Dan Meek: Ditto.

  • rw (unverified)

    Dan P: interesting. May use this as a sneaky voter-recruitment tool on said magical son. Read it and mark up handbook in preparation for voting. Meanwhile engaging whatever Disenchanted THinking Youth are near.

  • RichW (unverified)

    58 is DOA

  • Farmer's Daughter (unverified)

    I think this Voter's Guide is the most helpful I've seen yet. I looked with trepidation knowing that all organizations push an agenda with their publications -- even the non-partisan ones. But I really appreciated the approach that ROP took, workable solutions and democracy. They cut through the legalese and gave us some succinct analysis. I like that. I hope they are distributing this far and wide!


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