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Moving this post back up to the top, as we head into the final hour before polls close in Oregon.

Once again, we're trying an experiment in live micro-blogging.

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  • Susan D (unverified)

    Is anyone else angry about all the Rev. Wright ads McCain is running last night and today??

  • Steve Bucknum (unverified)

    A couple Crook Co. perspective comments:

    As of last evening, Crook Co. was over 70% voter turnout. I still think we might get to 90% with today's ballots. Some of the ballots don't come in daily (Paulina for example - which is 50 miles out of Prineville), but they all come in tonight.

    Last week, Smith made a bus stop at the Prineville Dairy Queen at about 5:45 PM. His campaign failed to notify the Dairy Queen, they learned about it from someone pointing out the visit in the Bend Bulletin article about Smith's bus tour of Central Oregon. While three of us (late notice on our end found our supporters mostly unable to make a quick response) waved Merkley signs on the sidewalk, and had many friendly responses from passing traffic, Smith went inside and met with about 10 supporters. A few people eating dinner at the DQ with surprised to find Smith there. I know almost everyone of the people Smith met with, and I can tell you that Smith had no impact at all with his visit. His supporters that showed up were already going to vote for him, and the few people who were eating there (e.g. otherwise uninvolved) probably didn't even know who their Senator was.

    Summary - A total waste of time for the Smith campaign.

    Yard Sign count in Prineville: Smith 2, Merkley 50

    I think Smith will still win here, with his awful TV ads stating how "bad" Merkley would be for rural Oregon. However, he needs a really big margin from our part of the State to win overall, and I don't think he will get as many votes as he needs here. I'm thinking Merkley 40%, Smith 60% here - and if anything Merkley might get higher. Smith would need more like 75% from places like Crook Co. to win Statewide.

    <h2>I don't know how its going in the rest of the State, but yard sign vandalism and removal is at about 20% for Obama signs. It's actually higher than it was in 2004 with Kerry signs. Darn Brown Shirts! But, nonetheless, there are more Obama signs in Prineville than McCain (best guess is 75 McCain to 100 Obama). The Republicants just don't seem as organized or energetic this year.</h2>
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