Open Thread: Local Elections

Use this space to discuss local races around the state - including the Portland City Council race, the two Multnomah County races, the Eugene Mayor's race, and anything else that's important to you.

You may be able to find election results at OregonLive and KGW.

  • David Stewart (unverified)

    I'm trying to find out how the Columbia County anti-immigration ballot measure(s) turned out. Columbia County does have results up, but the measures are only identified by number and I don't know which is which.

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    As of 6 am this morning, 6 votes seperate Piercy and Torrey in the race for Mayor of Eugene. Lane County results

    Wow, both sides had better hope no one was shirking.

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    As of 10 a.m. Piercy is up a bit over 500 votes.

    I find these county reports that appear to use a state provided format quite frustrating, as they report 100% of precincts counted, apparently meaning some votes have been counted have been counted, without making any reference to the numbers that are waiting to be "evaluated" (my word) to determine if they should be counted, before counting those not disallowed. Then the counted votes are called "total votes" but not "so far," which is what the figure seems really to mean.

    Based on those (I believe incomplete) "total votes" the Lane Co. report says there's been a 50% odd turnout there, but what it actually means is that the number of votes counted so far represent that % of registered vote. Ther form gives us no idea of roughly what number of ballots have not been handled yet. Radio reports suggest that counting in Lane County has been slowed for technical reasons. It seems that in all likelihood actual turnout there is over 80% as elsewhere in the state, and almost certainly much larger than 51%.

    On the Multnomah Co. site there is an independently provided figure for total number of ballots submitted, not on the official form, which is much larger than the figure of votes counted on the official form, and gives a much more accurate if imperfect idea of turnout.

    I think the state should require this of all counties.

    Possibly improving this aspect of transparency about voting reporting is something to put on Secretary of State Brown's agenda, or even for Bill Bradbury to start.

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    I definitely think there's a lot Brown can look at. One thing is how things are reported - the numbers can be confusing.

    Another is a redo of the SOS web site. I hate it, it's awful.

    A third would be redoing how the results are shown. I absolutely hate having to click on a page for each of the statewide measures. There's no abstracts or anything, so the amount of data is limited. As such, there's no reason to not have them all on one page -you could use anchor links at the top to skip down to specific measures. But most of us want to see how all the measures are doing - and that means clicking on multiple pages and adding more load to the server.

  • Outractjete (unverified)
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