Open Thread: Oregon Legislature

Use this space to talk about the Oregon legislative races. How many seats will the Democrats pick up in the House?

You'll be able to find election results at OregonLive and KGW.

  • LT (unverified)

    Heard Hibbitts on Ch. 12 say the Oregon House may have 40 or more Democrats dep. on how things end up---and my mouth dropped open. Just this summer, at the funeral of a long time activist, one of his long time friends remarked that Oregon didn't elect conservative Democrats anymore. If the Hibbitts numbers are accurate, there is going to be more diversity in the Oregon House Democratic Caucus than at any time in recent memory!

    As of this writing, Riggs is winning Marion County by 161 votes but losing Polk by a bit over 1000. That is how this once Democratic district went from D to R 20 years ago--a local business Republican won enough votes in Polk County to overcome the incumbent Democrat winning Marion County. Back then, no one said the incumbent did all the wrong things---just ran against a stronger Republican candidate. Even the State Dem. Chair (party office was then in Salem) was sad about it--undecided until about Thursday of election week.

    It will be interesting to see how the local House and Senate district are redrawn after 2010 given how population changes, and how different Polk and Marion voters seem to be.

  • LT (unverified)

    For all those who think they can predict legislative districts in a county other than the one they live in, based on registration or whatever, how many of you predicted this result?

    Thackaberry HD 17, down by about 500 in Marion County Hanten Day down about 400 Riggs about 900 down.

    Jim Gilbert, running against Vic Gilliam in Dist. 18, almost a tie--a margin of about 36 votes.

    Somehow, I think something other than the "R to D ratio" produced those results.

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    As someone who supported Thackaberry, I am not surprised at all by those numbers.

    From what I heard tonight from the House Dems, it's likely going to be between 38 and 40. What a night! Who would've guessed that we'd be looking at 40 Dems in the State House? Kind of like 2 years ago when we were shooting for coming close to getting a little closer being in the majority, and us ending up in the majority.

    Hats off to Democrats across the state who ran for the legislature. Whether you won or lost, you rock!

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    what does it take to win an election in Oregon?

    it looks like it takes a ride on a bus. The Bus. of all the races the Bus got involved in this year, we have won all but one: Stiegler, Kahl, Matthews, Riley, D. Edwards, Van Orman, Barton, Eberle, Adamson (and even Kitty Piercy). only Jim Gilberts lost, and that's a heart-breaker to us because the Bus loves Jim. Oregon needed Jim in Salem, but we have so many great people going to serve their constituents next year. i expect tremendous things from this legislative group, and the Bus will be part of that as well.

    i cannot begin to express how amazing and what an honor to have been part of the Bus' journey this year. i know i'm not alone in saying that. and what an honor to be part of the great campaigns run by these wonderful people and their fabulous supporters. it's just overwhelming.

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