Open Thread: Obama's Presidential Address (plus Blumenauer tweets!)

Use this space as an open thread for discussion of President Obama's address to the joint session of Congress.

And while you watch the speech, we'll have a live feed direct from Congressman Earl Blumenauer - via the magic of Twitter:

Read more from @repblumenauer on Twitter.


  • spyder (unverified)

    Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) is at Obama's address and notes on his Twitter feed: "One doesn't want to sound snarky, but it is nice not to see Cheney up there."

  • The Chinuk (unverified)

    Just love the way Republicans are sitting there with straight faces, pouting like little kids who had their ball taken away.

    That's really going to to help you get re-elected, fellahs.

  • Kaiserlich und Korporatisch (unverified)

    It would be nice if twitter had a feature where you could set your timeline to include subselections of your regular feeds, for things like this. It's a bit surreal, as is. This is what mine looked like at one point.

    # repblumenauer: One doesn't want to sound snarky, but it is nice not to see Cheney up there. 19 minutes ago from web

    <h1>repblumenauer: Justice Ginsburg gets ovation, then comes Michelle Obama 24 minutes ago from web</h1> <h1>cricketmesh: Giles Clarke admits scrutiny of Allen Stanford did not go far enough 29 minutes ago from twitterfeed</h1> <h1>JohnCleese: The chickens Camilla and Rocky came to visit this morning</h1> <h1>repblumenauer: 8:40 pm EST Copies of The speech is delivered! The Senate arrives in Chamber. about 1 hour ago from web</h1> <h1>repblumenauer: 8:30 pm EST show time. The bright light snap on. Big TV crane been in chamber all day. Every seat claimed.</h1>

  • The Chinuk (unverified)

    Why doesn't Earl want to sound snarky? Oh, yeah, I forgot. We're Democrats and liberals. We're supposed to be the nice ones.

  • (Show?)

    I wonder if I am the only one who finds it ironic that Gov Jindal's example of government not working praises the work of.... a government official (a sheriff).

    And better yet - the one doing the good work is a Democrat who was running into problems with a government run by Republicans (FEMA).

    He didn't like funding for volcano observation. I wonder how he'd feel if someone said that about hurricanes?

    His rebuttal brought forward no new ideas - it sounded like Bush redux. It was the same ole same ole wrapped with "Americans can do anything."

  • (Show?)

    Holy teleprompter, Jindal.

  • joe (unverified)

    I actually work for the US Geological Survey program that Jindal dissed, at the USGS volcano observatory in Vancouver. (We have offices elsewhere, too.) And he referred not to volcano observation but rather "volcano monitoring", meaning the nuts and bolts of keeping tabs on potentially dangerous volcanoes. At this moment there is a restless volcano in Alaska (Mt. Redoubt) which, if it erupts explosively, will put a lot of volcanic ash into the atmosphere and cause havoc for North Pacific air traffic, of which there is one hell of a lot.

    If Gov. Jindal actually wanted to see the products that my program produces, we would be only too glad to show him.

  • (Show?)

    If Jindal was there because he was the best that the GOP has to offer then that speaks volumes about the GOP.

    David Brookes was just on Charlie Rose effusively praising Obama's speech. That too speaks volumes.

  • (Show?)

    Joe, Jindal giving the smack down to the volcanic activity measurement things was just silly. Bad choice on what to insult in the stimulus. If Mt. Hood blew and we didn't know, I'd blame Teleprompter Jindal.

  • (Show?)

    Wow... David Brooks on the Charlie Rose show just tore into the GOP and Jindal. Very uncharacteristically critical coming from a man who prefaced his criticism as being of a party that he frequently agrees with.

    He summed up current GOP strategy as embodied in Jindal's response as "an unmitigated disaster."


  • (Show?)

    Jindal was even worse on radio (although without his weasely little face -- and he's exactly what i think of as weasely -- i think maybe it was better?). he sounded incredibly insincere. and sweet jesus to trot out the absolute lie (among many) about "magnetic levitron train from Las Vegas to Disneyland". and for those of us who live near active volcanoes -- the entire Seattle-Tacoma region and the island of Hawaii, to name 2 -- it's hard to think of that as wasted money. might as well stop tracking hurricanes, eh Gov?

    extremely twerpish performance. i hope to god he does run! "Palin-Jindal 2012".

  • (Show?)

    about 2/3 of the way thru, i thought about how, during the campaign, people said Obama was too intellectual, aloof, cold. at the time, i knew they were wrong (having met him in person). tonight put the complete lie to that. he was not merely forceful and able to give a great speech; it was all underpinned with real warmth, empathy and compassion. i hope he uses the bounce he'll get from this (like he needed a bounce) to kick the Rs in the ass and move some important legislation fast. get them on their heels and never relent. use the country's support of him to get these changes moving fast. we cannot afford to wait, and he's got the capital now -- political kind, probably the most important of all -- to get this going & done.

  • (Show?)


    Thanks. Monitoring was the word I was looking for, but by the time my sleep deprived brain got over to the computer, I couldn't remember the exact term he'd used. I knew it meant watching the potentially active volcanoes, which is extremely important work. Just like monitoring hurricanes. I'm sure he'd be angry if we were to suggest cuts to monitoring hurricanes. He needs to realize that volcanoes are just as important - and we often don't get the same kind of warning about the really bad events that you do for a hurricane.

  • Edwin Edwards Eats Etouffe (unverified)

    Oh, now this is sad. Does one focus on the abysmal ignorance of the electorate, or you all trying to do critical exigesis on the dog and pony show?

    Jindal wasn't much of an answer? Do you know what the question is? Americans go no deeper than, 'like your shoes; I want some like that. Got anything that looks like that'? You put up a brown man with a foreign father, we can put up a brown man with immigrant parents. Isn't that soooo Republican. I mean it would be like, oh, if after the 2008 SOU address a woman gave the Democratic response for the first time. I'm sure Kathleen Sebelius (hmmm, a hick from the sticks governor; only Palin would try that) wasn't picked because the theme of the night was the first woman Speaker of the House and the Dems had to stay on that bandwagon. That shows the level we're at. That unindited war criminal, dry drunk, evangelical, money laundering, son of a Bush was able to apprehend the fact of a Democratic woman being there simply by smiling and saying, "it is my very great honor...".

    Aside from his logic, I wouldn't trust anyone that changed a perfectly good name like Piyush to Bobby. You think he would find your volcano/hurricane comparisons problematic? Let me put it this way. Have you ever tried to carry out ethnic cleansing using a volcano? There are things about hurricane prediction that you really don't understand.

    I don't mean to keep you. You must have other important divinations to perform, like reading the future of the economy from how your kids arrange their legos. You really think that, at some level, this all makes sense, don't you? We should probably trust the President. He really seems different than those other pols. There. That's not the solution, but, boy, is it a big step forward.

  • joel dan walls (unverified)

    OK, so "Edwin Edwards" has declared his superiority to the unwashed masses, who obviously deserve to be deprived of the franchise. Next.

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