The Oregon House Democratic Majority Caucus on Facebook

By Representative Mary Nolan (D-Portland). Rep. Nolan is the majority leader in the Oregon House of Representatives.

We’re taking the leap!

It is our challenge, as your Oregon State Representatives, to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological landscape. We will use the most innovative tools to reach you – where and how it works best for you. This is your state, your community and your government. We invite you to shape its future.

With that in mind, I am proud to link to our newly launched Oregon House Democratic Majority Caucus Facebook page, and to invite you to become a supporter, stay informed, and to recommend us to your friends.

Our page is the place to go for information on legislation and to share your good ideas with us. As we move forward, expect to hear about the important issues facing our state and perhaps about some lesser known aspects of the work we do in your State Capitol. You’ll have access to news and photos, and a chance to interact directly with us.

In the future, you can expect us to continue to take advantage of the breadth of new media and social networking tools available to us, and we welcome you suggestions on how to make our efforts as effective as possible.

In the meantime, please join us on Facebook and stay in touch.

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    Good idea. I like it. I've joined as a "fan."

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    Ah, the Oregon House Dems finally join the AARP and the Quakers on Facebook.

  • littlevoice (unverified)

    I'm cranky today and not sure how to respond to this.

    Anyone else feel like their mom just came home and announced she got a naval ring?


    One way to highlight you know very little about social networking is to write a column about the fact that you have a facebook page.

  • littlervoice (unverified)

    Anyone else feel like their mom just came home and announced she got a naval ring?

    Particularly since Nolan and many of the Democrats in the legislature really don't give a damn about the Democratic rank-and-file. Try calling her office or the office of most of them to actually discuss their position on any legislative measure during the session.

  • the plasticgraduate (unverified)

    This is a bold move. I hear that the facebook is really big with all the kids. We need an OHDMC that is on the cusp of cutting edge technology like internets, computers, photostatic copiers and ballpoint pens. Congratulations! I'm already a fan!

  • haha (unverified)
    <h2>I see the corporate lobby is hard at work...Guess they have no problem charging their clients for trolling on BlueOregon. They must still be smarting from having their asses handed to them by the House Ds this session.</h2>
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