Blumenauer: Still an Obama Guy

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Another TV spot has hit the airwaves. In this one, Congressman Earl Blumenauer ties his national leadership on livable communities to local results -- but uses some famous personalities to make the case.

Your thoughts?

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    [Full disclosure: My firm built Earl Blumenauer's campaign website. I speak only for myself.]

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    Not sure why Earl is wasting money running ads for his re-election instead of helping other more endangered House seats.

    Earl helped out a lot in the 06 and 08 cycles and for that I am grateful. But in all honesty I hope this is the last ad Earl spends money on for himself, because he will win his seat in a walk.

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    If he were in a fight for his seat, I would say that this is not the greatest ad in the world for the 2010 elections (I probably wouldn't have gone the "friends in high places" route this time around). But, as Mitchell said, not sure it matters all that much.


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