Dudley's Disappearance Discovered

Paulie Brading

The Big O's political reporter Jeff Mapes reports on the disappearance of gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley.

Dudley and his campaign managers chose to skip the first debate with John Kitzhaber rather than allow the state's Newspaper Publishing Association the opportunity to test the mettle of each candidate. Why a campaign would park their candidate on the river bank standing still gazing at the eddies furling and riffles over hidden bars in our state is puzzling.

John Kitzhaber pushed off and shot the rapids. He read the state's hydraulics. He rowed around the snags in the water and put the soles of his feet in the state's mud. Kitzhaber chose to be visionary, vulnerable and real.

The Dudley campaign fouled the air with the distinct smell of deceit. Dudley is a stranger to most Oregonian's. He is unknown, untested. When will Dudley slip away from his bodyguards and participate in the rough and tumble of campaigning?

Note to Dudley's campaign. There is a dog waiting to be fed and she's getting hungry.

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    Disappearance discovered? WTF. Go to Dudleys FB page and look at the pictures.

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    Your defense of this is getting dumb. He spent one day on vacation and two days including debate day with the RGA. The problem remains that he missed the debate. Don't the voters matter at all?

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    You know what if Kitzhaber or any other Blueoregon.com supported liberal had done the same thing we would not have heard the same level of complaining from Paulie about it either.She would be making every excuse in the book for Kitzhaber like saying he has worked so hard all his life and he deserves some time off and this was an important function he had to go to too.Tell us Paulie what is Kitzhaber so visionary on?I looked at his website and i dont see a concrete plan to do anything about jobs,reducing unemployment,or getting the private sector back to work.It stinks that Kitzhaber is so pathetic and has no plan about jobs and cares only about appeasing the good old boys i will scratch your back if you scratch my back arrogant state worker union crowd and state workers unions attitudes who put him in office and screw anyone in the private sector.Sorry paulie Dr No is no visionary leader.

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