Get Your Patriotism On!

Paulie Brading

Next time you are thinking of visiting Southern Oregon try visiting Ashland on the 4th of July. The parade is two hours long complete with belly dancers, bands, and politicians. At the end of the route right next to Lithia Park booths await vistors. This year the Jackson County Democrats is the very first booth on the right with Kitzhaber signs and local candidates displaying selling tee-shirts, and giving away bumper stickers and buttons. I pulled a two hour shift this morning in the booth. People signed up to volunteer, registered to vote and signed up to attend the July 7th speech by AG John Kroger.

The Jackson County Democrats float featured a large tractor with banners supporting local farmers. Lynn Howe, candidate for State Rep. HD#6 and her large merry band of supporters gave away seed packets to parade watchers. Senator Wyden was a huge hit along with State Rep. Peter Buckley and other office holders and candidates.

Continue on the winding trail of booths where food booths and artists selling their paintings tempt every passer by. Finally arrive at the band shell where a reading of the Declaration of Independence completes your tour.

If you go, set up your chairs along the route by 8:00 am and then head off to one of several places open for breakfast. I'm fond of Greenleaf's with many organic choices. Head on out to wait for the parade and enjoy people watching, dogs decked in red, white and blue, lots of babies in decorated strollers, and the latest in hipster fashion. A big bonus is you'll run into friends from all over the state!

Save $$$$ by camping or staying in Medford. If you're really organized buy tickets to the Shakespeare Festival plays way ahead of time or just watch the free Green Show in front of the Elizabethian Theatre.

See you next year! Happy 4th of July America.

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    The Ashland parade on the 4th is a wonderful microcosm of the far left colliding with the reality of small town America. It is a sight, much like the infield of the Kentucky Derby, that everyone should experience once in their lifetime. It convinces many in southern Oregon that ashland may be a place to visit, but not live.

    Parades that are less crowded and more family oriented can be found at Central Point and Eagle Point on the 4th.

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      hey, paulie, i actually was in ashland this year. waved hello & shouted "keep up the good work" to senator wyden as he walked by; thought of you when the southern oregon dems float went by. the whole event sure was something to see.

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