Helping Oregonians Get Back to Work

Paulie Brading

John Kitzhaber, my candidate for governor is introducing the Community Jobs Movement at house parties across the state on July 31st. Kitzhaber is a man who's spent thousands of hours meeting with community members, economic developers and business leaders throughout Oregon. He's filled with ideas gathered from on-the-ground conversations with people from all walks of life and of every political persuasion. Check out his website for a house party nearest you.

In contrast, the other candidate for governor is claiming that "Oregon's political leaders have made job creation and economic growth an after thought". Huh! Way to insult the Republican and Democratic economic developers statewide. Oregon's economic development has been the number one priority for governor after governor, mayors, county commissioners and city councils. How quickly the Dudley campaign dismisses all that effort. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Dudley campaign ad in the Willamette Week used the words worst, weak, worse, tired, old, in describing Oregon and then invites the readers to "join the comeback, we need a new direction." Which direction? Where are the specifics? Where's the leadership? Chris Dudley says he believes Oregon is unstoppable. What exactly do you think that phrase means? I'm looking for presentation points, some supporting material, not slogans.

Dudley's consulting team fails to recognize that Oregon took a huge hit when the timber industy began to fade in the 80's. Oregon quickly became experts at finding companies, enterprise zones, developing shovel ready sites, identifying business clusters, and recruiting companies.

My caveat to Oregon voter's is to look at the untested candidate. Who is he talking with? Who's talking to him? Where is your greatest risk?

See you at the house party next Saturday!

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