Jeers - Update on Esquivel in Arizona

Paulie Brading

Medford Mail Tribune:

Jeers — to State Rep. Sal Esquivel, R-Medford, who has announced he will travel to Arizona to support that state's battle with the federal government over immigration enforcement. We have no quarrel with his stand on the controversial Arizona law — he's entitled to his opinion. But he says he plans to introduce similar legislation in the 2011 session of the Oregon Legislature.

Arizona is a border state plagued by many problems resulting from the stream of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. from Mexico. Oregon is not a border state, and is plagued by a severe budget crisis that will demand lawmakers' undivided attention to solve it.

A federal judge already has blocked portions of the Arizona law, setting up a legal battle that could wind up before the U.S. Supreme Court before it is finished. Now is hardly the time for Oregon to join that fight.

If State Representative Sal Esquivel R-HD 6 is re-elected he'll continue with his campaign to bring the Arizona immigration law to Oregon. Our state dollars are already spread way to thin. This is a federal responsibility and a federal problem. They need to do their job on this issue. We're already paying taxes for it.

Are Oregonians ready to wake up in a state where you have to prove you are an American anytime a police officer or state trooper has his doubts? What we love about Oregon is our independence. We are still pioneers. We don't have to prove who we are to anyone. Does State Rep Esquivel really want to see more government intrusion into our private lives? Isn't he worried that the bringing an Arizona type law to Oregon would give local and state police additional power with broad discretion?

The police officers I know have enough to do fighting violent crime, dealing with meth, keeping our roads safe - it isn't their job to handle immigration enforcement.

We need a consistent national policy and we need the federal government to do its job. We have elected our Senators and Congressmen to go to Washington DC to their job on immigration policy.

Note to Esquivel: With the budget cuts we're seeing in the state of Oregon at the state and local level, our first responders and local public safety officers are already spread too thin. We can't afford to take this on too. We do not want to live in a state that treats people like they are guilty until they are proven innocent. It's un-fair, un-American and dangerous for freedom.

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    brown is the new black.

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    Thanks, Paulie. I've cleaned up the formatting, so that it's clear what part of the post is a quote - and what's yours.

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    I am a Michagander but take great interest in Oregon affairs since Chuck Butcher blog is my son and I have visited often. I like what you have expressed and I certainly agree!!!

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    Has anyone from Blue Oregon asked the sitting member of Oregon's Legislature why he supports a law that targets people "who look illegal", divides the community, threatens public safety, and promotes racial profiling?

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