Shawn Lindsay fails the first basic campaign test

Carla Axtman

Kari broke the story here at Blue Oregon earlier today regarding the withdrawal of David Edwards from his Oregon House race due to his wife's poor health.

Edwards is barely out the door before Republican rival Shawn Lindsay's jubilant Tweet:

Shawn Lindsey Tweet

It's "amazing" that David Edwards had to drop out because his wife is too ill for him to continue?

Jeez dude, how about showing a little grace and dignity for Edwards situation? One of the first rules in politics: when your opponent is in a hurtful family situation, show some empathy or at least some sympathy for the situation. It generates good will and has the happy coincidence of making you NOT LOOK LIKE A JACKASS.

Lindsay even goes on to use Edwards' departure as a fundraising opportunity.


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    I was dismayed but not surprised by Lindsay's Tweet, web post and fundraising appeal. No class. I look forward to working to make sure this jerk never gets nearer to a seat in the Legislature than the restroom behind the gift shop...

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    As the saying goes, Shawn Lindsay has a lot of class, all of it third.

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    still no expression of sympathy from Lindsay on Twitter. just campaign exhortations. the least he could do is thank David's wife for being so ill.

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    He must be that Compassionate Conservative we have been reading about in the new Texas school books.

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    No class at all. Regardless one's opinions regarding david Edwards and his political life, you stay away from these type comments. Run against someone on their merits and your different approaches. Leave family out of the mix.

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