State Rep Sal Esquivel Stands With Arizona

Paulie Brading

Where is Medford's Republican State Representative going? He's headed to Arizona to speak and paricipate in a two day rally with the group Stand With Arizona on July 30th and 31st. He's joining author and blogger Michelle Malkin, P.L.E.A. president Mark Spenser and others expressing disappointment in the judge's decision to block key components of Arizona's 1070 law yesterday. Many of the speakers have strong links to front groups associated with the extreme Tea Party movement, white supremacy groups, the Minute Men and other hard corp nativists who exploit xenophobia. Sal Esquivel HD6 is headed to Arizonal He'll be in familiar company since he is a regular speaker and supporter at Tea Party events in Jackson County.

He goes at a time of economic recession in Oregon and at a time when Oregon's unemployment numbers are stubbornly high. Oregon can ill-afford to alienate the critical economic power of Latinos in Oregon. In the July 2010 report from the American Immigration Council policy report " Oregon has 6,360 Latino-owned businesses that had sales of $1.5 billion in sales and receipts and employed 8,272 people in 2002." According to the report one-in-seven-Oregonians are Latino or Asian. The 2009 purchasing power of Latino's in Oregon totaled $7.billion - an increase of 660,9% since 1990."

Immigration law is a complicated jigsaw puzzle. Arizona's law attempted to slide slot A into Slot B and discovered forcing sharp angles into corner flats isn't easy. Arizona' attempt to become a fortress is a clumsy attempt at best .

Oregon is home to 366,405 immigrants in 2008 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Nearly the size of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jackson County, specifically House District 6, can ill afford to alienate such a critical component of its labor force, tax base and business community.

Sal Esquivel has chosen to to become tangled in the national ongoing strife over immigration reform. Too bad he's chosen to ignore the ordinary people in Medford worry most about: paying their bills, having enough money for the morgage payment or rent, saving for retirement, paying the doctor and dentist bills and hoping their kids will have a full instructional school year. And by the way, nearly 25% of the 12,000 students attending Medford Public Schools are Latino.

Note to Rep. Esquivel :the economy is the top concern for Oregonians, not immigration.

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    But State Rep Sal Esquivel does stand with the majority of Americans on the issue.

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      Being a Christian isn't about being on the popular side of the issue. After all, a majority of Americans once supported Jim Crow laws but groups like the Southern Christian Leadership Council argued that such laws were sinful and popular opinion over time changed.

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    And representing the no person is illegal/no borders/zero immigration regulation faction, I give you Chuck Currie. Sigh

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      You should actually take the time to read the different statements from the churches that I posted. Your argument would then be an informed one. I agree, of course, with nothing that you claim I stand for. But again, you'd actually have to read my views before commenting on them. And that might take away from the fun of making uniformed statements.

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    Now Chuck, you're the one who attempted to draw ridiculous parallels to Jim Crow laws and played the sin card. Don't get me wrong, I too see flaws with the AZ policy but not so much as I do with the irrational, far-left positions you espouse.

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      Again, I would encourage you to read the statements I've posted.

      You might be the first person in American history to accuse the Southern Baptist Convention of being far left. Like them, I share the goals for national reform outlined by the President and agree that "This is manifestly a federal responsibility and the U. S. government has failed in its responsibilities to its citizens under both Democratic and Republican administrations."

      Just read before you comment. It isn't that hard to do.

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        No Chuck, this agnostic does not view the Southern Baptist Convention as a far-left organization. Neither do you. That neither enhances or diminishes either of our arguments.

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          Well, since my position on this issue is the same as the South Baptist Convention my views on this issue could hardly be called "far-left," as you wrote.

          Unless you want to argue that Christianity in general is far left, which could be argued fairly.

          I'll assume, however, that you have now read the statements (though a review of my stats show no recent referrals from Blue Oregon) and that this comment from you is an attempt at an apology. If so, I accept.

          Unlike Rep. Esquivel, I agree with those who argue reform is needed and support the statement made by the SBC that:

          "Proper reform should consist of a program that provides an earned pathway that requires an illegal immigrant who desires to remain legally in the U.S. to undergo a criminal background check, pay a fine, agree to pay back taxes, learn to speak, write, and read English and get in line behind those who are legally migrating into this country in order to apply for permanent residence after a probationary period of years. They must also acknowledge and pledge allegiance to America’s governmental structure, the duties of citizenship and our core values as embodied in the Declaration of Independence. People who fail background checks or who refuse to comply with this generous opportunity to earn legal status, should be deported immediately."

          And I concur with my colleagues in the United Church of Christ that:

          "We have witnessed and have learned of the immense pain, suffering, and fear already inflicted upon immigrant families in and beyond Arizona as a result of this law. As Christians, we are called to love our neighbors. The Bible is clear in calling us to welcome strangers in our land, and to love them as we love ourselves. In these times, listening to the voice of the still-speaking God, we will learn how to respond to these new sisters and brothers residing among us."

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    This is a surprise? With 12% unemployment, papers that have -0- pages of want ads and 7 pages of foreclosures, where are Sal's priorities? Obviously, not with his constituency or voters. He's taking voters for granted he can be re-elected in November.

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    Chuck, I can agree with most of your position, infact have for several years. However, along with this must come an immediate stop to sanctuary cities and counties. One would presume that with the above in place that there is no longer a 'market' for sanctuary.

    Paulie, the MT and the Oregonian have it right, Esquival has no business being in AZ right now. his political base needs him here in Oregon addressing our issues.

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    Can't argue with Kurt (much) and I'm certainly no fan boy for the AZ legislation. However, I understand that it's merely a reaction to a serious problem which has not been properly addressed by those who are tasked with dealing with the issue. Chuck's second quote from his United Church of Christ colleagues only illustrates my earlier comment he tried to find objectionable. They don't believe that borders or the rule of law or are relevant. I should be able to disagree with that position without being labeled a racist. Sadly, that's what thoughtful discourse has been reduced to. Hardcore lefties like Chuck are quick to throw down the race & hate cards while their counterpart extremists accuse them of being commies, baby killers and deviants. Meanwhile, 60% + of the population shakes their heads and tunes into the sweet abyss of apathy.

    Maybe there's a better, more constructive tack. Perhaps the majority of ordinary citizens who are not unopposed to the AZ law are not hate-filled, anti-brown people bigots after all. Hell, I can empathize with some of their concerns even though I don't think we should create laws that appear hostile to segments of the population who are not criminals. Some of the concerns surrounding this legislation are valid including racial profiling. However, I have read it and don't see where it allows a jack booted gestapo to target anybody and ask them for their papers.

    This is simple stuff folks. Either you care about enforcing immigration policy or you don't. Just be honest about that.

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