Medford Mail Tribune Cartoon: Sal Esquivel's Hot Air

Paulie Brading

The Medford Mail Tribune published a political cartoon on Sunday on their editorial page submitted by Jack Ashcraft.

Picture a weather map of the Western side of the US with a large arrow pointing from Oregon to Arizona.

"This just in! We're experiencing a big flow of hot seems to be originating in Oregon's Rogue Valley.

"We have no clue where all this hot air will go next...

"Maybe Utah...

"Is it a Tornado? A micro burst? A Santa Ana? Let's ask our weather expert, Dr. Doom...Dr?

"No...looks like we'll have to call this an Esquivel!

"Is it more evidence of global warming?

"'s just an election year!

"Sal's hot air flow.

For those of you who don't know, State Rep. R-Sal Esquivel traveled to Arizona last Saturday to speak in favor of Arizona's immigration law. He's promised to bring a similar law before the Oregon legislature.

My thanks to the MMT for publishing the cartoon. The cartoonist did not return my request for permission to publish the cartoon. Use your imagination!

Update #1: Rep, Sal Esquivel is winning the media hype war. His third appearance on Medford KOBI Channel 5 pushing the Arizona immigration law was shown tonight on the evening news.

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