Quick Hits: Do you know Dudley?

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The big open question: Will there be a statewide broadcast debate?

Here's an end-of-the-week recap on the Governor's race:


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    Full disclosure: My firm built John Kitzhaber's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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    I'm surprised in the wake of the Gulf Oil disaster that Kitzhaber is not hitting Dudley hard on his plans to drill and spill off the Oregon coast. I'm sure the Oregon fishing communities and tourist industry would like to know.

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      That surprises me too. But I would guess Kitzhaber is picking battles for the moment and letting surrogates do some work. I have also noticed that some of the messages about Dudley that have been floating out there are showing up in readers' comments on the Oregonian and other places. So messages are getting through. To a certain extent Dudley is starting to be defined by some of the negative things that are being said about him and I would say that's what happens when you don't get out in front of some stories like "Debategate". He's trying to take control of it now, but everyone knows about the Aspen trip and the RGA meeting.

      The DPO "red line" version of the 26 point plan was brilliant. I see Oregon Catalyst is sputtering over that one. What was clear from that move, is that Dudley doesn't appear to know any more than Sarah Palin does about government. At this point, Palin is eminently more qualified than Dudley. Which is terrifying.

      I was genuinely shocked to find out that Dudley attended a tea party rally in Salem in April before the primary. Is he a moderate? Is he extreme? He can "turn into" anything right now as the Summer wanes and we head into full swing. It just all depends on what gets through the filters.

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    Can we have a poll on BO to see which side has come up with a funnier nickname for the candidates: "Duds" vs. "Dr. Do Over"

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    It won't be a "do over." Gov. Kitzhaber served at a time when the Republicans controlled the Legislature, and the anti-taxers sold Oregon on their vision of every man for himself. May there never be a do-over of that. It's interesting to note that Mr. Dudley keeps promoting old, failed policies, but Gov. Kitzhaber gets the "retread" label. Slick.

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    Regarding the part in Dudley's Super Spiffy Changey 26 pt plan document about sunsetting program implementation or expansion legislation every 6 years. Does he even understand how that will grind government down to a screeching halt in order to deal with that? And he wants to shrink government? It's quite astounding.

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      Now, I'm in favor on sunsetting some things -- like tax breaks.

      But all you have to do is look at the reauthorization process in Congress to see how it works. When bills come up for reauth, one of two things typically happens. Either 1) it becomes a major freaking deal, with lobbyists swarming everywhere, both sides jockeying to get their favored changes into the bill, etc. Or, 2) leadership agrees to just kick the ball down the road and reauthorizes as-is.

      Earl Blumenauer, for example, had a bunch of great ideas to reform agriculture policy through the Farm Bill reauth, but Congress basically reauthorized it as-is, rather than take up controversial changes in an election year.

      (For the record, my firm built Earl Blumenauer's campaign website. I speak only for myself.)

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    Oh my word. The red ink, "corrected paper version" of the 26 point plan is hilarious.

    School is in session! Love the big "F" for fail on the front. These folks aren't evil, they just lack a basic understanding of government. A 26 point plan for a 2.6+ billion dollar shortfall? A 26 point plan for 3.8 Oregonians living in recession, some on the brink of economic collapse or worse?

    I think not.

    The Kitz knows government well, and his party may control both chambers. He can take better care of that 3.8 million than a noob.


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    It may prove useful to review John Y Brown Jr.'s successful run for governor of KY in 1979. The parallels between his run and Dudley's thus far seem interesting. The outcome may well be the same.

    Like Dudley, Brown ran against a former popular governor from the opposing party. Like Dudley, Brown had never been in politics, and like Brown, Dudley rides a wave of anti-incumbancy in a time of economic downturn. Like Brown, Dudley makes his opponent run against their own actions and words as governor.

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    The doyouknowdudley.com website is difficult to navigate. It was too wide. I had to constantly scroll left and right to read. Is that my computer/monitor or is the site just that difficult to navigate?

    Good idea for a website, but seems to be poorly designed.

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    I imagine voters look upon the 90s as mostly a good time in Oregon, despite the fiscal crisis brought on by Measure 5. And Kitzhaber, known as Dr. NO by the Repubs, was seen as strong in standing up to them and their attempts to defund education and the Oregon Health Plan.

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    Why are you such a mullet hater, Kari? Methinks it's an appropriate evolution for people from Minnesotan winter country... Next you'll be bashing hotdish. Or people who wear big foam cheese wedges on their heads.

    Unless your Pawlenty attribution was one of respect - noting that the Mullet transcends state and political boundaries, perchance?

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    And now Kitz's girlfriend is part of an investigation into irregular state procurement practices. Ouch!

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