Quick Hits: Filibusters, bellwethers, and free throws

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Ron Wyden's, John Kitzhaber's, and Kurt Schrader's campaign websites. I speak only for myself.

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    Interesting "quick hits" here. On the Senate, with the abuse of the filibuster rule we are confronting a profound constitutional question on the basic antidemocratic nature of the Senate where a state like Alaska with 500,000 people, has the same representation as New York or California and can use their conservative base to block policy that is needed by the entire country. I can see that Dem senators are reluctant to get rid of the filibuster because they might need it to block the GOP the next time they want to kill social security or medicare or medicaid or environmental protection. It's a dilemma. Senators are the aristocracy of our country. They are privileged oligarchs who have too much power and too little accountablility. I would much prefer us to go to a parliamentary system, but I can't imagine us making that kind of constitutional overhaul anytime soon.

    On the question of Chris Dudley. You just can't fill an empty suit when there's nothing to fill it with.

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