Spanning the State: Turn off your computer and enjoy the sun edition

Carla Axtman

This morning as I sat here gathering the clips for this piece, I couldn't help but be distracted by the absolutely gorgeous blue sky, beckoning to me from out my window. We waited an extra long time this year for a stretch of weather like this--the kind that most Oregonians find a bit much but my dahlias and tomatoes have been begging for--hot. The lush, green trees that drank so fully from what seemed a never-ending cool Spring are swaying in a light breeze, green leaves popping against the blue sky. I feel a lot like Maria in the opening act of Sound of Music, when she talks about the outside being so green and fragrant, she just has to be a part of it. Kinda corny, I know. But I'm anxious to get out there so let's Span the State!


Medford is "swimming in weed", or at least that's what this article would lead us to believe. GOP Rep Greg Walden certainly seems bent out of shape about the medical marijuana growing operations in the area, calling them "out of control". Medford Police Deputy Chief Tim George, who has been an outspoken critic of the medical marijuana law, is upset that those working within the law are abusing it saying, "You can't have a Vicodin tree in your backyard." Dude...chill. Here, have one of these nice brownies.

Speaking of drugs, the drug and alcohol treatment enter at Powder River is getting some nice kudos from the paper of record in Baker City. The program boasts that 88% of those who've completed treatment are employed one year after their release. The article says that's more than double the success rate from the general prison population.

Former Ashland Mayor John Morrison is looking to get a new job: City Councilor for Talent, Oregon. Morrison was appointed to the position to fill a vacancy, and now seeks to hold the seat this November. The decision is not without controversy, as comments to this news piece at the Ashland Daily Tidings, suggest.

The City of Woodburn is seeing a flat crime rate. Woodburn Police Captain Jason Alexander (presumably not the guy from Seinfeld) says both violent assaults and property crimes have remained steady. Woodburn generally sees a spike in crime over the summer months. Alexander says that he isn't sure exactly what's contributed to the quieter summer, but he suspects the local law enforcement's public engagement activities have played a role--as well as more family-oriented events in the city.

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