OR-5: In which Scott Bruun gives me whiplash

Carla Axtman

Scott Bruun needs to decide which side of his mouth he's going speak from and then stick with it. He's giving me a wicked case of whiplash.

Earlier this year at a candidate forum, Bruun parroted the climate change denying talking points that likely came down from Camp Boehner: the "jury's out" on global warming, "we have no way of knowing" whether humans actually impact climate change, etc. You know the drill. Then Bruun proceeds to beat up on cap and trade calling it "dangerous policy" that will "cause a major tax increase" and "export millions of jobs".

This is quite a change from just two years ago, when Bruun filled out the 2008 Oregon League of Conservation endorsement questionnaire, bragging about all the awesome work he'd been doing in the Oregon Legislature with Rep. Ben Cannon to pass cap and trade for our state.

And oh by the way, Bruun lists Carbon emissions (cap and trade, other reduction efforts) on the OLCV questionnaire as the #1 environmental issues to emphasize in his campaign.

That's some whip around Bruun's got going there--about 180 degrees worth. Seems like an awfully big change of heart in just two years. Perhaps that's the price of selling one's soul to John Boehner.

(H/T: OLCV blog)

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    Glad you brought this up Carla. Was hoping Brunn's mendacity is brought out into the open a bit more.

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    Scott Bruun is also trying to run away from his statements about wanting to privatize social security. He's on tape, so it's a bit hard to evade.

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    Bruun is an idiot. No need to waste your time on him.

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    Mr. Bruun's first general election TV ad makes me want to sell everything I own and move into his district just so I can vote for him. His stated promises include "In Congress I'll stop the reckless spending..." and "I'll end the pork barrel spending.." and "put a stop to Wall Street bailouts." He ends with the tag "I'll stop the spending and put Oregon back to work."

    Amazing. Not only will a freshman member of the House put a majority of the 534 other elected Congressmembers and Senators on the fiscal right track, he will also "put Oregon back to work..." thereby relieving either the Kitz or the Dud of a major part of their gubernatorial burdens.

    By his second term- and there's no way this amazing man can lose- he'll be ready to eradicate world hunger, cure cancer, and solve the problem of homelessness... AND should he choose to believe in it again, he will return the global climate to its pre-industrial state.

    I'm just surprised that we actually have to wait til November to proclaim his victory.

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      Come on now Larry, be fair. No human being has done more to stabilize global climate than Scott Brunn already has with his 'I believe in it', 'I don't believe in it' consistent position(s) on the issue.

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    Cap and trade is a dangerous policy, one reason being that it won't raise the price of carbon enough- will raise it enough to piss off consumers but won't be enough to modify behavior (won't be high enough to get people to change their lifestyles).

    Also, it sets a floor (below which we need to go) on carbon emissions- hey, if anyone's going to pay for a carbon-emission permit, they're sure going to use it.

    This is the most serious issue humanity has ever faced.

    We cannot afford, at all, to dwell on these ineffectual measures.

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