Spanning the State: 110 days until Christmas Edition

Carla Axtman

The headline says it all. There's still time to hit the Labor Day sales. Get cracking!

But before you shuffle off to snag the deals, let's Span the State!


A slew of gold prospectors have descended in the Rogue River region, dredging up large sections in the search for gold flakes left behind after removal of dams along the river. The New York Times profiles an effort by Oregon State Senator Jason Atkinson (R-Central Point) to end the dredging. Atkinson cites a host of environmental concerns about the activity--and locals are complaining bitterly about the excessive noise created by the dredging.

A small plane crashed into a home in Aurora on Friday afternoon near the Aurora State Airport. 70-year-old George Bahrman, the pilot, was able to walk away from the crash. The homeowner was also unhurt and damage to her home is described as "moderate". Apparently these two have lucky rabbits feet, or four leaf clovers...or something. Yowza.

A group of Lyndon LaRouche supporters are circulating a petition to impeach President Barack Obama at a stand complete with a Obama as Hitler photo. The story doesn't say what the grounds are for this impeachment, but a passerby named "Pam" says she's glad because “This needs to be done because I can just see communism coming". Wish I'd have been there to meet Pam cuz I don't think "communism" means what she thinks it means.

A complaint filed against Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio by the Lane County GOP has been dismissed by the House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards. The Party complained that DeFazio violated House rules by mailing mass communications within 90 days of an election while seeking the endorsement of the Independent Party of Oregon. Under Oregon law and House rules, the IP's online nominating process was an internal party nominating process and not subject to the 90-day cut-off.

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