Unionized Workforce is a Ray of Hope Amid Economic Gloom

Chuck Sheketoff

For the typical Oregon worker, this Labor Day arrives at a time of stagnant wages, wide income inequality and scarce jobs.

But against this gloomy backdrop, a ray of hope exists in the share of the state’s workforce belonging to a union and the positive effects of unionization, especially for low-income workers.

Read the OCPP news release Unionized Workforce is a "Ray of Hope" Amid Economic Gloom which has links to the new, short (eight pages plus one-page executive summary) report Gloomy Days, But a Ray of Hope, for Oregon Workers (PDF) from OCPP.

Besides wage and job scarcity data, the report also includes data on income inequality, corporate profits and CEO pay in Oregon.


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    Oregon Measure 74 will help all Oregonians by not only compassionately providing safe access for patients, but also creating thousands of jobs for Oregonians. Not just Mcjobs, but quality jobs that will likely become unionized in the near future.

    The Multnomah County Democratic Party has wisely endorses Measure 74. www.multdems.org/2010_ballot_measure_endorsements

    To learn more, visit one of these websites: www.yesfor74.com www.coalitionforpatientsrights2010.com www.measure74oregon.org www.regulatemedicalmarijuana.org

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