Out of Touch? You bet!

Paulie Brading

Medford Mail Tribune

Democratic candidate for State Representative Lynn Howe, House District 6, Medford vs. three term incumbent Republican State Representative Sal Esquivel is featured in an above the fold, front page article in the October 1, 2010 Medford Mail Tribune,

Esquivel, who recently traveled to Arizona to speak in support of that state's tough immigration law on their capital steps is unhappy about being held accountable for his past record in the Senate and House. Howe's campaign correctly reminded voters about Esquivel's proposal for a 5% sales tax (source: HB 3269, 2009) in a recent mailer. In another mailer, her campaign reminded voters Esquivel called for a tax on all beer sales (source, HB 3241, 2007).

Howe's campaign isn't unusual in reminding voters that Esquivel has a long record of votes and proposals over three terms. Esquivel is responsible for for his actions and his record.

In 2008 the Medford Mail Tribune's editorial board endorsed Howe calling Esquivel "out of touch" after he stated there is "nothing wrong with Oregon's economy". Below a small sample of more "out of touch" votes by Republican Sal Esquivel.

NO - Increasing Oregon businesses' access to capital from the Oregon Business Development Fund (SB 1017) 2010.

NO - Improved regulation of the lenders responsible for the sub-prime morgage mess that sunk our country into a historic recession ( HB 2188, HB 2189, HB 2191) 2009.

NO - Allowing the Department of Justice to prosecute unsnscrupulous lenders under the Unlawful Trade Practices Act (HB 3706) 2010.

NO - A ten-year moratorium on oil drilling in Oregon's coastal waters (HB 3613) 2010.

NO - Updating Oregon's nondiscrimination laws to align with the federal Americans with Disability Act (SB 874) 2009.

N0 - Funding K-12 education (SB 5520 & SB 5554).

NO - Funding higher education (HB 5017) 2009.

NO - An anti-bullying measure meant to protect our children from harassment and violence at school (HB 2599) 2009.

Esquivel has voted against job creation bills, consumer protection, health care insurance for 80,000 Oregon children, public education, funding the Oregon Health Plan, improving air quality and preserving Oregon's valuable farm land to name just few of his votes.

He has proposed a sales tax and a beer tax. Out of touch? You bet.

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    Ok on the issue of the Sales tax the intent was to repeal other taxes not just add a sales tax. They wanted to give people a homestead credit of 25K to help them keep their homes. There would be a personal income tax reduction for people making less than 180K a year. There is a large part of an underground economy in Oregon where people who vote taxes on property owners and wage earners and do not pay taxes themselves but are earning equal wages. This proposal was only discussed in committee it never made it further than that and if you look at Sal's voting history he has only voted yes on one tax in 7 years. A beer tax was discussed in committee to only tax non micro-brew beers, that is tax the very large beer companies from out of State, not local Oregon beers. I would think you guys would love that, but this never made it out of committee anyway. Once again you are not telling the whole story. Bully is against school policy now so why do you pass a law? For public perception? Others did not agree as well and it did not pass with a Democrat majority in the Senate. He voted no on the school budget because they were shorting the budget 250 million dollars so they could come back later asking for a tax increase. The Democrats rejected a proposal that would have held schools harmless. They then used this to get support for 66 and 67 and then still cut pay.

    Regarding: NO - Allowing the Department of Justice to prosecute unscrupulousness lenders under the Unlawful Trade Practices Act (HB 3706) 2010. That law was to go after people who did it correctly and make them comply. Federal law already covered the issue. The law was poorly worded Get your facts straight.

    Lynne Howe is not from Southern Oregon, she has no history in politics at all. She was promoted by forces in the NW of the State. She is lying in her brochures which means she will lie when she gets in office. She is bad news. She does not represent the people and she doe not represent the truth.

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      " I woudn't have supported a sales tax if people didn't want it." Esquivel MMT 10/1/10

      Really? Oregonians have voted down a sales tax 9 times.

      Medford Mail Tribune endorsed Lynn Howe in 2008, calling Esquivel 'out of touch' after stating "there is nothing wrong with Oregon's economy." The facts are the facts. Sal proposed a sales tax and a beer tax. He has three terms of votes, proposals and bills. He is responsible for his record. If he can't stand the heat...

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        He never voted for it, he only discussed it and you are presenting this in a false light. It never made it out of committee. Furthermore you make seem as if Howe is not going to vote for every tax that comes across her desk. She will vote with rank and file Ds in Salem to the peril of financial liberty. Look at Sal's voting record. He has discussed many taxes, but only voted for one. People have a right to discuss anything they wish. In the end he did not push the tax after people spoke up.

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    Bill introduced 7/13/2009 Referred to Revenue 3/16/09 First Reading 3/10/09

    Intoduced by R- Esquivel, R- Morse, D- Burdick, R- Berger

    Source HB 3269, 2009

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      You do not listen well. Just look at the taxes he actually voted for once they were presented for a vote. Sal listens to the people when they objected to his ideas. Howe does not indicated she will do that nor is she from here, nor does she have any experience, nor does she tell the truth. Both taxes were a bad idea Sal eventually changed his mind after getting more public feedback. He actually listens. Howe got into politics as an afterthought. She has no public service record and was promoted to run for the position because she has "California like" ideas on transforming Oregon.

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