Quick Hits: Five Days Left

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Here's what's happening:

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    Full disclosure: My firm built John Kitzhaber's and Ron Wyden's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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    Last week a favorable generic poll for Dems came out from Newsweek. The big difference, polling cell phone only households, which PEW reports are now at least 1 in 4 American households. Now another generic poll from McClatchy/Marist -D46-R46 LVs and D47-R41 RVs Dems even on LVs and up by 6 on RVs. Good news if it holds. Seems to possibly be supported by early turnout states.

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      Link on the McClatchy/Marist poll: http://politicalwire.com/archives/2010/10/28/democrats_catch_republicans_in_generic_ballot.html#disqus_thread

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    The brilliant plan on electric cars might work in a place like Israel or Hawaii, but not in Oregon. To get swappable batteries they have to be on the smallish side or they are not very swapable. This means either very small cars or very limited range or both.

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      Wow, I think the swappable battery idea is brilliant! It would force standardization on sizes, output and composition.

      Basically any factory left operating that has electric forklifts has been doing this for years. I find this a positive development.

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    I hope that after the election, someone forces Huffman to come clean. There are a lot of seemingly illegal financing activities by Republican candidates that should be looked at.

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    Kulongoski on a trade mission to Israel, eh?

    Well, let's consider what Archbishop Desmond Tutu said about currently trading with Israel:

    "Join the growing international movement of economic and cultural boycott of Israel to help send a message that Apartheid must end and that Palestinians deserve equality and freedom. Take a stand and join us in an organizational meeting for future actions to demand that our local supermarkets stop selling Israeli products until true equality is achieved. It worked 30 years ago in South Africa and it can work again today, with your involvement."

    There currently is a petition to New Seasons Market to encourage them to stop carrying seven Israeli products: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/dontbuyapartheid/

    And the home site for the international boycott/divestment/sanctions movement: http://bdsmovement.net/

    The BDS movement will succeed, eventually, because it has the interests of justice on its side.

    Are you listening, Ron Wyden? (I doubt it).

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    "Given that the NYT's Nate Silver gives Huffman a 0% chance of victory, what's Huffman thinking? Doesn't this call into question his judgment? If not his sanity? "

    Have you ever followed bids on eBay? Sometimes people get so emotionally invested in the process and particularly the ego war they just can't stop. They'll pay 10 times what something is worth .... just to win it. Are the gubernatorial offices worth (in dollars) what people are willing to pay for them? Rememember what Maria Cantwell paid for her Senate seat? Maybe it is worth it -- she for one managed to win.

    Normal people can't comprehend these things. It takes tremendous ego and courage to run for office.

    Sometimes the only thing I think I understand is why so few good people do anymore.

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    According to our Sec of State Oregon is on track to have the largest midterm voter response ever, 72%. Is anyone tracking the Dem. ballot return relative to the GOP ballot return?

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    Polls are educated guesses. But under HB 3451, passed in 2009, county elections officials can not only open and separate ballots seven days in advance, but can begin to tally the votes seven days before election day.

    This bill was pushed my MultCo, and they confirmed they already are tallying votes.

    So what is to deter a county election official from feeding those real-time results to a favorite campaign? Well, there's always ORS 260.705 that prohibits premature release of tally results.

    The penalty for violating the law? A maximum civil fine of $250.

    Then there is the "security plan" to protect the data - which consists of unplugging the printer and CAT 5 network cable and cover the ports with tape.


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