Under 40? There's a 50% chance you're NOT registered to vote. (Deadline: Today!)

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The great thing about Oregon's vote-by-mail system is that it delivers your ballot directly to your house - and you get three weeks to return it. The bad thing about vote-by-mail is that it's really efficient at clearing people off the voter rolls who've moved. After all, ballots don't get forwarded - they get returned.

If you're under 40, I've been told, there's roughly a 50% chance that you're not registered to vote -- even if you think you are.

Today is the deadline to register to vote. Right now -- and I mean right now (do not pass Go, do not collect $200) -- visit VoteInOregon.org. Either register to vote (ain't no harm in doing it again), or click on the link that allows you to quickly check your current registration.

And then, post the link on Facebook, tweet it, email it to friends and family.

Don't be left out of this election. (And for a little inspiration, watch the video.)

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    It's important for people to know that they can UPDATE their registration right through election day.

    Because younger people move more frequently, they may not be registered at their current address, but are still registered Oregon voters.

    If you are registered in Oregon, but have moved, you can update your address on the voter registration website.

    If you're early enough, your county elections department will mail you a ballot.

    If it's down to five days before the election, you should go to your county elections department to change your address. They will create a ballot for you and hand it to you right then and there.

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    Kari, thanks for posting this and making sure everyone knows today is the deadline to register anew.

    While the state is talking about modernizing voter registration so that people don't get removed from the rolls so easily, we haven't done that yet. So if you moved since the last election, make sure you change your address ASAP! But as Jenny posted above, at least you have until election day for that.

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    The Sierra Club's nonpartisan youth voter registration and mobilization campaign -- which has registered 27,000 new young voters in Oregon, Colorado, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas -- is marking today's Oregon voter registration deadline by moving into its "voter mobilization phase." More info at http://blog.reenergizethevote.org/2010/10/three-weeks-to-seal-the-deal.html


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