Election Night Results

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The polls have begun to close on the East Coast.

At 8 p.m., the polls will close in Oregon. Use this space to discuss the election results in state and local races - as well as around the country.

To keep things up to date, here's a pair of live Twitter feeds, as well. On the left, news media covering (mostly Oregon) election results. On the right, your friendly local BlueOregon contributors.

Tracking the race-by-race results in Oregon legislative races? We've got a comprehensive and easy-to-use scorecard. Download it here (pdf).


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    Right now it's about 49-49 between Kitzhaber and Dudley, but the numbers are deceptive. If you go to the website of the Multnomah County elections site you see that it shows only 35% of registered voters have cast ballots. Yet the turnout statewide is estimated between 60 and 70%. This makes no sense, until you realize that this page is deceptive and that fully half of Multnomah county votes have not been uploaded yet.

    When the first batch of Multnomah votes came in Kitz was winning 70-30. So, when the rest of the county comes in, Kitz should take a significant lead.

    The same thing happened in 2006. Kulongoski, the Dem, was trailing throughout much of the night, but then it was suddenly called for him by several stations even before the numbers changed. Why? Because the pollsters at those stations saw the new unofficial numbers from Multnomah and saw that they easily put Kulongoski over.

    The next Multnomah update is due at 10pm Pacific. So, cross your fingers. This is going to be a long night.

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    Numbers from Multnomah web site:

    Ballots received as of 8:45pm: 252,686 (http://www.mcelections.org/2010-11/turnout.shtml)

    Ballots tallied as of the 9pm update: 149,157 (http://www.mcelections.org/2010-11/results.shtml).

    Only 59% of cast ballots have been tallied.

    If the remaining (103,529) go as the current total show then Kitz will get 71% (73,505) to Dudz getting 28% (30,024).

    Add those into the current totals and you get Kitz (538,001) to Dudz (507,348).

    Of course, Dudley has some outstanding votes in Marion and Clark county that will offset that, but they have already reported about 75% of their results.

    It will be close, but Kitz is in a good position.

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      Correction: Clark->Clackamas.

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      Thanks, Multco will pull it through for Kitz along with Lane Co. T.A. Barnhart is falsely tweeting that Multco is done with their tally.

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        It's an easy mistake to make. the Mutlnomah web site lists itself as 100% precincts reported. That means that 100% precincts have turned in their ballots. That does not mean 100% have been tallied. Some states do the tallying at the precincts. Oregon does not.

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    My prediction: State House is a tie 30-30 State Senate, Dems 16-14 Kitz by 1 or 2%

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    It looks like this race will be decided on free throws.

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    What a night. Hope for a better morning.

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    Multco is stuck at 58%. I don't get why they are always the last to report their results.

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    Multco has been taking counting lessons from KingCo, WA. They will keep at it until they correct candidate wins :-)

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    I just ran more complete numbers based on totals reported on OregonLive.com and on estimates of votes counted so far. The news is not good, while Kitz gains considerably from uncounted votes in Multnomah and Lane, it doesn't quite offset the Dudley's totals from the rest of the state.

    By my estimate, the final will be 50.2 for Dudley and 48.8 for Kitz (of the votes divided just between the two.)

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      The more current numbers are at the CNN site, as of 6:30 AM with 86% counted, nearly all remaining at Multco here's the situation. 616,169- Dudley 601,501-Kitzhaber

      Looks to be about 52 thousand votes to be counted in Multco, of which 37 thousand going to Kitz. It's doable for Kitz to win this thing when he's down by 15 thousand at present numbers but it's going to be a squeaker.

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        It doesn't look optimal but if Kitz pulls this out and wins by 2 votes we have my wife to thank. She dashed with our ballots at the last minute after a communications snafu literally leaping tall buildings.

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    I am sickened by all of the results. And, I wonder if public education will survive.

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    Most of the pre-election forecasts by the academics were square on.

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