Bob Stacey for Metro Council

Jesse Cornett

This is an outcome we can all get behind.

I upset a few of my environmental friends during the fall when after endorsing Bob Stacey really early on in his race for Metro President, decided to vote for Tom Hughes. I had my reasons. But let’s face it the Primary Election was an embarrassment of the riches: Rex Burkholder was in the mix with the other two. There was no bad choice.

I’ve also been on the giving and receiving end of campaign rhetoric, of which there was plenty in the Metro Pres. race. Despite having known Stacey since the end of his days as Congressman Blumenauer’s Chief of Staff, I didn’t like the tenor of his campaign. Perhaps that was the pot calling the kettle black. But what I never lost sight of was that Bob is wickedly smart and shares my values.

I can think of no better solution for our region at this time than to have Bob Stacey, who as a result of his recent campaign, is more ready to walk in to Metro on Day 1 and represent my metro district ably. Further, it’s not often when an elected office can be filled mid-term with someone cut from the same political cloth so closely as Bob is to outgoing Councilor Robert Liberty.

I think it would also speak volumes about Tom Hughes if he’s willing to reach out to such a recent former opponent and appoint him to the Metro Council. If it’s the Hughes I thought I came to understand during the campaign, get ready for Councilor Stacey.

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    I am in total agreement with you. Stacey would bring a certain level of continuity and clearly he has the passions that a Metro Councilor ought to.

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    It's hard to see who else could make a stronger case than Stacey. He's dedicated his life to these issues, has the education on them, and has experience working with the Council. He could walk in day one and get rolling. He has a similar background as Liberty, who the voters selected.

    Moreover, he just won the support of the voters of the district, handily winning the district in the race for Metro President. Hard to imagine voters would want him as President but not as their Councilor.

    Finally, in winning, Tom noted the need to build bridges with the environmental community. This would be a first significant demonstration of his commitment to do so.

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    It'll take a majority vote of the remaining council appoint an interim replacement for Councilor Liberty. I'd love to see Bob Stacey win this one. Any suggestions from the politically savvy as to how a member of the general public can help make this happen?

    I've seen mention of a comment period, but no mention of when that period will occur.

    Obviously getting in touch with the Metro Councilors makes sense, but who else might influence their decision? The Mayor's Office, maybe? Other local officials?

    I was kicking myself for not being more active during the election (though I have an excuse: I hate, hate, HATE phonebanking), so it's great to have a second chance.

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    Tom Hughes was backed by the same pro-sprawl corporate developers that backed Chris Dudley. Those are not values consistent with our community. Shame on anyone who would support such a policy maker.

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