Metro: Bob Stacey withdraws appointment application; pledges to run in 2012

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Bob Stacey announced today that he is withdrawing his application to be appointed to the Metro Council. That news comes on the heels of the surprise candidacy of Governor Barbara Roberts.

The former governor's move was a bit surprising, given the relationship between the two - Stacey had been a Roberts aide on land use when she was governor. But it seems that Stacey (and the other leading candidate, former legislator and union leader Bob Shiprack) didn't have the requisite support on the Council. From Stacey's statement:

Governor Roberts told me that several members of the Metro Council had phoned her that day, the deadline for applying for appointment to the District 6 vacancy. The first phone call came at 8:30 in the morning, from a councilor who told her that none of the applicants for the vacancy—including me—could get majority support from the Council. This councilor asked Governor Roberts to apply, so that the Council logjam could be broken. During the day more councilors called her, urging her to fill out the application form and submit it by day’s end.

It’s clear that there’s no reason for me to continue to seek the appointment. I certainly don’t want to waste the time and effort of the many friends who planned to appear and testify on my behalf at this week’s hearing before the Metro Council.

Of course, given that Roberts has already announced that she won't run in 2012, Stacey's making it clear that he will:

I’m reaffirming my intention to campaign for election to the Metro Council on the May 2012 ballot. I received strong support from voters in this part of Metro in the 2010 election, and I’m eager to ask for their votes again.

The formal decision will be made at a Metro Council hearing on Wednesday.

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    i can understand the desire to go with an interim Councilor, especially ones with the qualifications of Gov Roberts. "let the voters decide" is rarely a bad idea.

    however, in the case of this Metro district, it's clear that Bob Stacey is the overwhelming choice among those who applied. Stacey defeated Tom Hughes overwhelmingly in the district in the (very) recent Metro President race, and his stands on the issues are virtually identitical to Robert Liberty's. selecting Stacey would have been a safe & responsible choice.

    what we appear to have is a conflict between those who support Stacey, those who fear the unions, and those who would do anything to keep Stacey off his, i mean, the Council.

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      Yeah, I sure would like to know who was opposing Stacey and why.

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        I don't have any hard knowledge here, but I don't think it's all that much of a mystery.

        Roberts and Stacey share the same views. Nonetheless, you're looking for someone who would oppose Stacey, but support Roberts.

        Who could possibly oppose Stacey and support Roberts? Someone who largely agrees with them on policy matters - but doesn't like Stacey.

        From WW, back in January:

        As the May primary progressed, Burkholder’s exchanges with Stacey grew increasingly testy. After the primary, Burkholder failed to endorse Stacey, a fellow Portland liberal. And Burkholder’s wife, Lydia Rich, urged supporters in the general election to “write in Rex.”

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    Ooooh! A plot that thickens. I couldn't understand this either. Why would Ms. Everyone's Favorite Democrat get back into the ring if she doesn't want to stay in? I guess Kari's found the villain. Sure has a bad feel about it though.

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      "Villain" seems a strong word to me.

      I'm a big fan of both Rex Burkholder and Bob Stacey. I wasn't involved in the campaign either way - and my wife and I split our votes in the primary.

      I don't have a sense of why things got so personal, but that they did is almost certainly the reason that we are where we are now.

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    This selection process stinks!

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      Well, politics is always political.

      What process would you suggest?

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        Let the position remain vacant until there can be a voter election, even if that is to 2012. The voting public in that Metro district will not get representation by this process. The other council members, at least those in the selection majority (and their districts), are adding to their influence (and it is not pretty).

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