The 21st Century and the Bigots are still here

By Charles Eggen of Springfield, Oregon. Charles describes himself as "a 73 year old, native Oregonian and former Republican who, so far, doesn't have a high opinion of the 21st Century."

Somebody alert the President: posting his birth certificate will change nothing. The bigots will still hate him. No matter what he does or says, they will hate him.

As someone who was born before WWII, I have heard the voices and read the signs. Oh sure, things are better than they were 50 years ago, but don't kid yourself, even though we are not hanging many people from trees now, we are still a highly ignorant and bigoted society.

When I was in basic training at Fort Ord, California, during 1955, my company was largely comprised of young men from Texas. Many of those Texans openly stated that Blacks (of course, "Blacks" was not the word they used) were not human and that they not only did not belong in the Army, but didn't deserve to live.

Over the years I have heard similar comments concerning Gays, Jews, Indians, Mexicans, Catholics, Muslims, etc. The point was and is, if you are not a WASP you should not be in this country and you certainly should not be President.

My point is that the President should give up trying to find some "middle ground" with these people. They have only one goal - to remove him from office and remove any of his accomplishments.

They are willing to take our economy to painful depths in order to get their way. Of this I have no doubt and we may see that happen in the next few months when they try to stop the raising of the debt ceiling.

Get your torches and pitchforks ready.

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    Of course it's racism.

    The right was in a frothing hate-on of Clinton when he was in office. They called him murderer and a junkie and spent millions trying to dig a single thing up on him. In then end, they got the word 'is'. But not once did they deny his American citizenship. Not once did they accuse him of working with the terrorists (actually, they stopped him from taking actions against them. But that's a story for a different time). There was no outcry to prove that he was born a citizen...

    But we get a 'one of those people' in the office and suddenly it is all about whether he is a 'real American'. Even Kennedy, who was asked if he could serve seeing how he was enslaved to the Pope. never faced a question if he was really American (human?).

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    Guess what! That black, socialist, radical, soft-on-terrorism Obama bagged Bin Laden. The wingnut bigots must all have exploding heads tonight.

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