Tax Facts That Matter

Chuck Sheketoff

This year, because April 16 is Emancipation Day -- the day Washington, DC shuts down to celebrate being the first city in America to have slavery abolished by the federal government -- taxpayers get a few more days to file their federal taxes. Returns aren’t due until April 18. Still, it’s customary for taxes to be on people’s minds on April 15th.

While you may be focusing only on your tax return, ever wonder who pays the highest share of income to Oregon taxes, and who pays the lowest?

Want to know which is expected to bring more revenue into Oregon in the upcoming budget period -- corporate income taxes, personal income taxes, or the Oregon Lottery?

Do you know what tax subsidy benefiting only 39 percent of taxpayers is expected to grow 84 percent from 2007-09 to 2011-13 and cost $1.6 billion?

Want to know how much Intel received in revenues and disclosed it paid in income taxes in 1996? In 2010?

Ever wonder how much profit the largest purchaser of 2010 film tax credits made, and how many movies he made?

Get the answer to these and other Tax Facts That Matter. Click here for a PDF copy.


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