Mayor 2012: Blumenauer is out. 

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Congressman Earl Blumenauer announced today that he will not run for Mayor of Portland next year - a quadrennial Portland tradition since 2000.

While a Blumenauer candidacy wasn't considered likely by most observers, he had been at the top of most race-watchers' lists. 

While the AP report seemed to indicate some question about whether Blumenauer would run for re-election, his subsequent comments to the Oregonian were more definitive:

Blumenauer did say he likely will seek another term in Congress but "it's not in my plan at this point" to run for mayor. ...  "I'm at this point preparing to run for re-election."

At this point, the race for mayor includes two candidates - former commissioner Charlie Hales and civic activist and business leader Eileen Brady. Mayor Sam Adams hasn't announced his plans, but is expected to run again. 

What do you think? Are you satisfied with those choices? Does one or more of the candidates fit your bill? Or are you waiting for someone else to get in?

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