Avakian and Witt call on Wu to resign

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On Saturday, Brad Avakian and Brad Witt separately reacted to the latest allegations surrounding David Wu.

According to the Associated Press:

"I'm saddened to hear this news. David owes the citizens he represents a detailed explanation," said State Rep. Brad Witt, who is running against Wu in the Democratic primary next spring. "If this accusation proves to be true, it's time for David Wu to resign and get the help he needs."

Another challenger of Wu in the Democratic primary, state Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, said Saturday Wu should resign immediately.

"I think any 56-year-old man, especially a 56-year-old Congressman, that asserts himself like this on an 18-year-old girl, has got no business serving in Congress," Avakian said at a news conference. "There is nothing that can be explained that makes this situation right. He's got to resign."

The Oregonian's Beth Slovic reported a further comment from Avakian:

"What I think is important right now is that David Wu be accountable for his conduct," said Avakian, a former state lawmaker representing Washington County. "It is a serious incident and one in a long line of serious incidents."

The AP also notes that former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury believes Wu should resign:

"Obviously I think the right decision would be to resign," Bradbury told the AP. "I felt that way (after previous reports of erratic behavior) and I feel that even more strongly now."

Also on Saturday, Wu spoke with House Democrats' leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi. The Washington Post tracked down Nancy Pelosi and got a "no comment" regarding David Wu.

Politico reports that "other senior House Democrats have contacted the lawmaker as well." The Oregonian adds a bit of detail:

[A] source with knowledge of the day's conversations said a second party leader called Wu and urged him to resign.

In all, at least three senior party leaders in Washington spoke to Wu Saturday. Wu spent the day in Washington contemplating his future and had not come to a decision, several sources said.

That same Oregonian story cites a number of Oregon legislators from the First District:

OPB's April Baer reports that the Washington County Dems "will consider a vote of no-confidence in Congressman David Wu when its members meet this week."

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Brad Avakian's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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    Normally I'd say that any comment by a challenger requesting his opponent to resign is blatantly self-serving.

    But in this instance, I have to completely agree with both of the Brads. There just is no excuse for this kind of behavior, period.

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    I concur not only with the Brads but with the other Democrats who are calling for Wu's resignation. He's got some serious issues that he needs to take time to work out.

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    So what happens to the seat if he resigns now? Special election this year? Governor appointment? What?

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      Special election. There are no gubernatorial appointments to congress in any of the 50 states.

      I'm working on a post re: specific details.

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    The press is treating this as separate from his earlier staff resignation troubles but I wonder if it is? The reported voice mail also predates the turnover or most of it, if memory serves, and sources able to hear office voice mail seem likely to have been staffers at the time.

    Just out of curiosity, has any public figure said "let's just wait until all the facts are in" rather than "if this is true he should go"? I think he used up his last bit of trust over the painkillers.

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