Portland City Council: Mary Nolan is in, facing off against Amanda Fritz

Carla Axtman

Just when I've decided that campaign politics suck way too much for me to follow them closely, the awesome kicks in to disabuse me:

Nigel Jaquiss, Willamette Week: Nolan to challenge Fritz

Rep. Mary Nolan (D-Southwest Portland) told WW this morning she will enter the 2012 City Council race, challenging incumbent Position One Commissioner Amanda Fritz.

"I have been talking to folks for a few months but just made the final decision in the past few days," Nolan says.

"City Hall is where I think I can be most effective."

Beth Slovic at The Oregonian has Nolan's official announcement::

Dear Friends:

Today I announced my candidacy for Portland City Council. This campaign will be about delivering results that consistently make Portland a better place to live, work, and thrive.

That means actually getting important things done, not just talking about getting things done. Whether it's controlling the cost of city services or insuring every neighborhood shares in Portland's success, I will bring a sense of urgency to decisions at City Hall.

This will be a grassroots campaign: built on your ideas and your advice. Ask me tough questions and make bold suggestions. Invite me to learn about your business, visit your neighborhood or understand your group's concerns.

I believe a vibrant Portland needs a city government that delivers services dependably and frugally, promotes a robust private sector economy and – very important to me – protects the values and natural legacy that define us as Portlanders and Oregonians.

That's the kind of leadership I've delivered as a business owner, environmental innovator, legislator, and community leader: At the City of Portland I organized coalitions and helped lead landmark improvements in protecting our clean water and environment, launching curbside recycling, repairing our roads and managing public resources to save millions of dollars while bringing projects in on-time and on-budget. In the private sector I helped build a successful aviation business and managed complex financial operations. I established a successful track record of real world experience, just the thing we need on the City Council to promote a strong local economy and help locally-based small businesses succeed. * As a legislator and a community leader I am very proud to have earned a reputation as a champion of our Portland values: environmental stewardship, women's rights (especially the right to choose), LGBT rights and economic fairness.

As the campaign progresses, we will continue to keep you posted on the issues that matter to you and other Portlanders, about my plans for city government and ways for you to get involved in shaping this campaign and Portland's future. As we get started, I would love to hear from you! Please send me your questions and ideas [http://www.marynolanforportland.com/contact/].

It's about results. It's about Portland. It's about time.

Let's make this place we call home even better, together!

Mary Nolan

Nolan's campaign website is here.

Two talented women battling it out for City Council. Nice.

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    Nolan will make an amazing city commissioner. The State Capitol's loss is City Hall's gain.

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    Nolan! Nolan! Nolan!

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    I like Fritz, but having someone with Mary Nolan's political talent on the Portland City Council will be a huge win for Portland.

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    Nolan is my former boss (I worked for her in the 2005 session) so I got to see her up close. Nolan is simply one of the most brilliant people I've ever met, she will do a great job if/when she wins.

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    Nolan is a fantastic legislator and will make a fine City Commissioner. I am sorry to see her leaving the Capitol.

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    Nolan will crush Amanda Fritz who has been an incredible disappointment. I wouldn't be surprised to see Fritz just not run again as without public financing I simply don't see her willing to put the hard fundraising work in that it will take to beat Mary.

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    Nolan's a lying party hack who protects her own, IMO. Not impressed.

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    How depressing. As far as two talented women goes, Carla, how is it nice that we start with them both in elected positions of public power and influence and will end up with only one in that position? Not nice. If it were say a sitting female rep from Beaverton taking on a sitting female Washington County Commissioner would you say the same thing? If you mean you think Fritz is going down anyway and it might as well be to a woman, which is about the only way I can make sense of the "two talented women battling it out" comment, just say that.

    Is this Ginny Burdick redux? Nolan's statement with its almost over-the-top "private sector" emphasis appears to be running hard for Portland Business Alliance backing, at least. Maybe she has it already?

    Guess I should have figured out a way to do more for the public campaign finance law.

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    As a woman, I don't think it is required to fill a seat formerly occupied by a woman, with another woman - just so a woman has the seat. There are OTHER very qualified people - who could fill that seat - who are NOT women. ...

    IMO - I don't think it should be a qualifier - to be a woman - just because a woman had that post.

    As I read through the posts however, I am left feeling that if one is not a woman, then hands off that seat.

    Ladies - is this REALLY the way we play?

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