OR-5: Dudley won't run against Schrader

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Chris Dudley won't run against Kurt Schrader for Congress, according to the O's Jeff Mapes:

Dudley said he had the same concern he did when Republicans first asked him if he was interested in running for Congress a few years ago. Serving in Congress is "tough on the family," said Dudley, who has three school-age children.

That's a big blow for the GOP. After all, Dudley was their strongest possible challenger -- something noted by 2010 challenger Scott Bruun:

"Am I the strongest candidate for the seat?" he asked rhetorically. "No I am not."

And who would that be? "Chris Dudley," he replied.

After all, Dudley beat Kitzhaber in four of the five counties that are largely contained in the Fifth District:


Of course, if Scott Bruun couldn't win in 2010 with the national tidal wave and a competitive gubernatorial candidate behind him, along with millions in outside special interest money supporting him on the air... well, it's hard to imagine he'd be competitive in 2012. (Which probably explains why even Scott is lukewarm on himsel.)

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