Wu Resignation: Everything you need to know

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What a day yesterday was. With "David Wu" the hottest trending Google search in the country, everyone was paying attention to our little corner of the world.

I spent much of the day updating a bunch of posts with various angles on the story. Here's a few highlights.

But the other possibility is that Democrats take blame for “allowing” Wu to keep his job, despite years of weird behavior, said Allen Alley, chairman of the Oregon GOP.

“The Democratic Party knew this was going on and they let the guy get elected,” Alley said. “They’re going to have to tell the electorate why they’re not responsible for it in any way, shape, or form, and I think that’s going to be hard.”

"There are far too many of us on this long journey with David over the last 12 years that kept our mouth shut when we should not have. And ultimately, we bear some responsibility in allowing him to be a member of Congress," said Maria Smithson, who managed Wu's first campaign in 1998.

Now it's your turn. Next day reactions?

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Brad Avakian's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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    Thanks for the updates, Kari. A few ocd comments:

    75% of registered voters, not "voters." The voters will render a judgment in January.

    The race should be particularly active since current elected officials do not need to resign in order to run for the seat. This is a political opportunity that seldom arises.

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    Since it would help keep district one in Democratic Party hands for the GOP to nominate one of its more extreme candidates, I suggest we Marxists and Communists hold a fund raiser for Mr. Kuzmanich in a Roseburg park. We could even schedule it on Aug. 14 (Comrade Fidel's birthday).

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    Wyden has nothing to say. He shouldn't be judging others and telling them to resign when he is with the non-conservationists in the lumber business and lives in New York State.

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    In my blog post "$800,000 for elections to replace Rep. Wu is too much. Cut the costs!" (here) I call on Kitzhaber to determine the least cost replacement process and use it.

    Can we, at least, find out what the least cost replacement process might be?

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