The Guild Pub: the only unionized non-hotel restaurant in Oregon

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A week ago, I was over at the Guild Pub and learned something that's now been reported by the Northwest Labor Press:

Workers at The Guild Public House signed union recognition cards Aug. 13 to become members of Communications Workers of America Local 7901. It is the only unionized restaurant in Oregon not attached to a hotel.

The only unionized restaurant in Oregon that's not part of a hotel? That's pretty cool.

When I dropped in last week, I asked the bartender if owner (and BlueOregon co-founder) Jesse Cornett happened to be around. It was a Monday night, so he wasn't. I mentioned that I was a friend, and as the bartender served me my drink, she remarked - completely unsolicited - "You know, he's the best boss I've ever had." She went on, "Now, I've had some crappy bosses in my life, so the bar is low. But he's a pretty great boss."

So, congratulations to the six members of the Guild Pub bargaining unit - and kudos to Jesse Cornett and Molly Aleshire at the Guild Pub. If you didn't have a reason to spend your happy hours at the Guild before, now there's one more. (And be sure to try the blue cheese and bacon mac-n-cheese.)

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    Is there no local UFCW? Well, yes there is:

    Not quite a server's union, but at least it has Food in the name.

    I'd be curious as to why/how UCW became the unit to organize the Guild. Good news, though!

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    Kari -- thanks for the post!

    CWA was the union that walked into The Guild and asked our folks if they'd like to join up. Plain and simple. Plus as I understand it, there are few unions interested in a shop of 6.

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      I certainly am intereseted in a bar with six employees - that means I get my beer faster! See you Friday after work, I look forward to some good snackin' and drinkin'!

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    Kari -- thanks for the post and congrats and best wishes to the workers and Jesse and Molly.

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    So what happens if one of the workers leaves that employer? Can they work for another employer in the same industry who hasn't signed an agreement with that local? Or can they work for any employer in that industry regardless whether the employer has signed an agreement with the local or not?

    And, if that employee is allowed to work for a non union business, does the business have to pay the employee their scale plus benefits, even if that's more or less (OK, probably not going to be less) that what the other, non union employees are making who are at the same skill level? Or will the employee have to drop out of the union and loose what ever they may have paid into on a pension plan (assuming the union provides on) before they vest?

    I remember when I was in the bricklayers local in Portland. There were, I think, 6 contractors in Portland that I could work for. Out of the hundreds of contractors operating in Portland and the surrounding area, I was allowed to work for just that 6. I wasn't allowed to work for any others, the bricklayers local was a closed shop. Made it easy when I was on unemployment. I had 6 businesses to call each week. That was it as far as what I had to do to look for work, the rest of the time I could kick back and draw my checks. Unfortunately, it also meant that if those companies didn't have work for me when the unemployment ran out, I was SOL.

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    It's true--the mac'n'cheese is great.

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    I met a friend at the Guild last night, and the food and service were great! Congrats, everyone!

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    So, when is BlueOregon putting together a social gathering at the Guild? I'll attend.

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      Good idea. We don't generally do our own social events, but there might be occasion to do one now. :)

      Certainly, there have been many formal and informal political gatherings at the Guild. Last time I popped in for a meeting downstairs, Drinking Liberally was meeting upstairs.

      I can't think of a time that I went to the Guild and didn't run into someone I knew in politics.

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    Best cobb salad inspired deviled eggs in the world.

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