Election Night Results: Bonamici (and more)

Evan Manvel

Election Night Results: Bonamici (and more)

Four minutes after polls closed, The Oregonian called the Democratic primary for CD-1 for Suzanne Bonamici. It sets up a race against Rob Cornilles for the January 31st special election.

Washington County's early results have the race at 66-24-6% (Bonamici-Avakian-Witt). Multnomah County's results are 72-22-4%. Clatstop County is 62-14-16. Columbia County 52-12-30. (UPDATE: Overall totals, including Yamhill, are at 66-21-8 as of 9:20pm.)

While we've had some heated discussions about the primary here on BlueOregon, now's a great time to set aside our differences and head over to Bonamici's site and give her some cash to make sure we keep the district in Democratic hands.

In other news in Oregon, in Clackamas County, it appears the citizen initiative to require county-wide votes on urban renewal will get more votes than the County's referral that would require just the vote of those in the urban renewal area.

In other election news around the country:

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    Oh, and this tidbit I forgot:

    In the Kentucky race for Agriculture Commissioner, a candidate named Bob Farmer (really) lost by a two-to-one margin.

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    Evan, he was running to replace Richie Farmer too;-)

    Cornett is a far more common name in KY than Farmer FWIW.

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    This is FANTASTIC! Bonamici was endorsed by the Tea Party!


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    Let me be the first Avakian supporter to congratulate Suzanne, and wish her the best of luck in the general.

    The Tea Party/AFP crowd cannot stand Corneilles, because he's refused to submit to their litmus tests and is trying to position himself as a moderate Republican.

    That can only work in our favor.

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    A good election night, all in all. I was disappointed in the liquor sales result in WA. My estimation of the people in Miss. went up some after they voted down that idiotic "personhood" initiative. Do Americans have any understanding at all of the biology of reproduction? Next step is to put a "personhood" intiative in Oregon, declaring that corporations are not persons.

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    The world of responsible alcohol production and consumption is culture-rich, nuanced, and always changing. This is not the sort of field where bureaucracy does well. Distilled spirits are not so different from wine. Would you want to depend on state controlled purchasing and marketing of the wines you get to drink?

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    Hey you guys...get real. No one here seems to acknowledge the importance of the First CD primary and how it portends for the Jan 31st Special Election. We have a great candidate...she outperformed Cornilles by several thousand votes in a low turnout election. And that's before factoring Witt and Avakian's considerable votes! Now we progressives need to get motivated and get moving to elect Suzanne and keep the 1st CD blue. I assume you all acknowledge the importance of that task?

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