Tidbits from the Trail

Evan Manvel

Never a dull day in the Portland city races.

A few tidbits from the campaign trail:

Your thoughts? Other key developments folks should be aware of?

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    Kellie Johnson drops out of Multnomah County DA race apparently as well. Rod Underhill is now unopposed (which is a great thing, as he will be a great DA):


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    Thanks for this post, Evan. Great recap of the latest. Keep 'em coming.

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    One other note: Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon endorsed Mary Nolan and Jennifer Williamson.

    Planned Parenthood PAC doesn't usually get involved with primaries, but those candidates have long and strong ties to the choice community.

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    Yes, City Council just BURIES itself in reproductive choice legislation, every week--not shooting the messenger Evan, but man I'm getting tired of single-issue concerns making endorsements on single issues...particularly where the issue isn't even that germane! Emily's List basically picked Brady because of the extra X chromosome. What possible policy record did they refer to when making that choice? Sigh.

    On another note: who will ask the other two (three?) major candidates whether they'll join Smith in running a clean campaign? And what about curtailing runaway expenditures, so that we don't end up with Million Dollar Jims this time? I thought it was cool that Jefferson sought low-dollar contributions for his money base, but there's plenty of time for the other folks to embrace reasonable asking&spending practices too.

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      One of the reasons that groups do endorsements even in races that don't have a host of clear, strong influence over their issues is that elected officials move up over time.

      Getting them elected to that first (or second) step on the ladder can mean they end up higher on the ladder, where they do have significant influence on an issue (see: Schrader, Blumenauer, DeFazio, Walden, etc.)

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      I resent the assumption that Planned Parenthood is a single-issue PAC. As if equality and equity is a single-issue...

      Also, Emily's List's entire purpose is to support women political candidates. So yes, they do only financially support women running for office. I'm a Smith supporter, but I'm not bitter about Em's List giving Brady support...that's what they do. Statistically speaking, women are underrepresented in government. Is it such a crime to try and level the playing field?


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