Mayor 2012: Eileen Brady on KGW Straight Talk

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Over the weekend, mayoral candidate Eileen Brady appeared on KGW's Straight Talk program to discuss her candidacy.

Brady talked about her background, her vision for Portland, and her positions on the issues.

Charlie Hales appeared on the show in June, and Jefferson Smith appeared in October.

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    I'm going to have to watch this, and see if she addresses this:

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        The fact that someone who has seen her innovation and capabilities firsthand, would contribute to her, shouldn't surprise any of us. The fact that it's disclosed everywhere means that everyone will watch to make sure it doesn't change outcomes. And frankly, given the nearly-final status of the proposal(s), it's hard to imagine that donations would change the recommendations.

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      Not likely, given that the KGW interview was broadcast Sunday (and taped even earlier) and that story came out Monday.

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Eileen Brady's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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    Nice interview. Brady appears up to speed on a lot of issues, and comports herself well.

    Laural Porter and the Straight Talk staff did a solid job of explaining the difficulties of governing compared to running for election -- finding some holes in talking points, for example the experience and strategy of Chief Reese on Occupy Portland compared with what Brady would want. Our city employees have a lot of experience and strategies that may not play well on the campaign trail.

    It's disappointing to see how Brady frames her opponents' experience in governing and contrasts that to "real world experience" as if public service isn't the real world and that experience in government isn't valuable.


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