Dumping Yamhill County

Carla Axtman

About a year ago, the citizens of Yamhill County were spared an expansion of the tremendous mess that is the Riverbend Landfill. The Oregon Court of Appeals rejected what was an irresponsible and dangerous decision by the Yamhill County Commission to enlarge the facility.

Even with that door closed however, Waste Management continues to use the landfill, which is expected to be full by 2014. Problems at the site are plaguing local residents and have the potential to destroy locally grown food and wine grapes in the area of Yamhill County near the dump.

Check out the 8 minute video above. This landfill is right next to places that are growing your food. Not to mention the acres and acres of prime Oregon farmland--spoiled.

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    ... and half the time I step out my front door, I gag from the stench.

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    Having lived in that area before we moved to North Carolina, watching that video breaks my heart.

    The fertile hills and valleys of Yamhill County are one of God greatest gifts in Oregon. What Waste Management has done makes me sick.

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    Watch this video and share it with as many people as you can.I can only say that what these people are saying is´╗┐ toned down. The stench from the dump, the size of the mountain of garbage, the ticking time bomb of a dump placed on a floodplain next to a river that feeds in to the Willamette river, the 100's of trucks a day that haul unsorted garbage to our county from the Portland Metro area every day; this has to be stopped, now before it is too late. Shame on you Waste Management. Shame on you Yamhill County Commissioners!

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    I think the pile of waste should be named Mt. George-Lewis.

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    On a day that we learn Willard Romney who is endorsed and supported by Greg Walden has many of his millions offshore in the Cayman Islands it is important to remember that there are solutions to the garbage problem. First, join with other Oregonians and support financially Walden's opponent; that would help remove some of the garbage problem.

    Then, remember that the anti-science crowd which Walden has always supported and been an active part of does not want you to know that more than ten years ago a plant was built in Nevada that recycles and converts the entire garbage stream in one big facility that is a sound investment. There are solutions. They work. But deal with the 2012 election first and get rid of Walden.

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      And we Yamhill County residents will be replacing Commissioner Leslie Lewis, who has termed out, in the May election. Look carefully at the candidates and choose the one who will NOT support the degradation of farmland, waterways and quality of life. I am supporting Denise Bacon for Yamhill County Commission.


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